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Pinot Noir of the Month!

POE is a small producer by Samantha Sheehan, an advocate of the vineyards and wines of Burgundy and Champagne. The brand; Poe, was created to show that California too has incredible and distinctive terroir, varying dramatically from one microclimate to the next. Poe only produces single vineyard wines to show that distinction, and picks not by […]

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New World meets Old World (Sine Qua Non connection)

Poe’s mission is to create top-notch single vineyard California Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that express the brilliance of the terroir from impeccable sites in Northern California. Winemaker Jonathan Keyes spent time working at Sine Qua Non, Two Hands Winery and Outpost before partnering with Samantha Sheehan to create Poe Wines Poe 2011 “Ferrington Vineyard” Chardonnay, […]

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