Napa’s Most Amazing White of the year! A White for Cabernet lovers – FREE SHIPPING

It started a little over decade ago when Thomas Keller (owner/chef) of the famed French Laundry in Napa asked Scott Palazzo to craft a wine exclusively for his restaurant.  Since then, Palazzo has turned out some amazing wines.  This latest Cuvee Blanc, sourced from OLD Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc vines might be his “Piece de Resistance”

Palazzo 2012 Cuvee Blanc, Napa Valley
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On the nose this youngster offers up a floral and seductive aromas of tropical fruit (guava, passion fruit, hints of pear Anjou, pink grapefruit and orange blossoms).  On the palate, this wine is round and silky with a very opulent and broad oil texture and weight.  Amazingly balanced with the right touch of zesty acidity and a touch of mineralitly rarely seen in domestic whites.  The delicious passion fruit with whiffs of nectarine and Meyer lemon tease the palate.  This is an amazingly complex and well-crafted wine with a stunning mouthfeel.  It finishes with excellent richness and weight and complex notes of slate.

I’d call this a White Wine for Cabernet lovers!

Pair this wine with oysters & shrimp salads . Halibut, salmon & chicken dishes to roast pork & suckling pig! A Very versatile Food Wine!

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Scarecrow Winemaker’s latest miracle wine

Jim Barbour has been one of the most sought after vineyardists in the Napa for decades now. Having managed and consulted for many cult wineries in the Valley, he planted his own vineyard in 1992 where he grafted bud wood from Grace Family.  The first 15 vintages were made by Heidi Barrett, and since then the other “First Lady of the Valley” Celia Welch has taken over the helm, continuing to make amazing wine from this 1st Growth Vineyard.  The yields at Jim Barbour’s vineyard are extremely low (1 to 1.5 ton per acre)

Barbour 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate, Napa Valley
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The 2011 Barbour Cabernet Sauvignon is a celebration of its growing year and the graceful artistry of Ace Winemaker Celia Welch. The wine has an amazing dark red hue.  The 2011 vintage offers pleasing aromas of dark red fruits, candied cherries, graphite and vanilla.  These follow through on the palate and broaden along the way to include plums, chocolate and a touch of earth. The wine is full in body, lush but softly textured and offers approachable tannins and an amazing finish.  The 2011 vintage will benefit from decanting in its early years and will cellar well for 10+ years.

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Paul Lato King of Pinot and Chardonnay


Paul Lato has been producing some of the most amazing wines over the past decade and has not gone unnoticed by the press with many 96, 97 and 98 point ratings.  All of Paul’s productions are ver small production, but amazingly well-crafted.  Paul is probably one of the most meticulous winemakers I have ever met.  Attention to detail from start to finish.  Paul is involved from the first day after harvest into dormancy, pruning, etc. all the way to dropping fruit during the growing season and only picking the very best bunches his vines yield.  He’d rather only sell two barrels of amazing wine versus selling six of “OK” wine.

The 2012 Paul Latos are MINDBOGGLING but VERY limited! I wish I could say that I have a lot to offer, but I don’t.  As it has been the case in the past years, this wine will sell out within 72 hours of our offering!
Paul Lato  was born in Poland. He worked as a certified Sommelier in Toronto’s most exclusive restaurants and visited California for the first time in the early 1990′s. Jim Clendenen (ABC and Clendenen wines) told Paul to just pack up and move here, and he would show him the ropes.
About 13 years ago he did make the move and took a job at Bien Nacido vineyards for just $10.00 per hour, he did get free “lodging” at the bunkhouse in the vineyard. The Bien Nacido owner pushed Paul to make his own wine. With some tutoring (he observed the best in the business for some years, asked a lot of questions and experimented a lot) he made his first wines and by chance met Robert Parker.
Parker asked him if “he” was the Polish Sommelier that makes wine and said that he wanted to taste it.  Parker told him that he would tell him immediately if the wine was the real McCoy or …. (slang for excrement – I like to keep my pages PG 13)
The rest, as they say, is history.  Parker was blown away and gave Lato a rave review. From then on, Paul’s new career was born (FYI – his first vintage he made 6 barrels of wine, 3 different wines)
I met Paul in 2005 and have been a big fan since day one, and could say that we have become good friends along the way.
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Sexy Napa Red low 30’s

Pazzo (which means “crazy” in Italian) is a wine crafted by ace winemaker Kirk Venge.  It is an unpretentious blend of Cabernet, Sangiovese, Syrah and Petite Sirah.   It is a wine that Parker called “Sexy, seductive, provocative” and “The best value Bistro wine from Napa” as well as “Gorgeously hedonistic, flavorful”.  In other words, a wine you should jump on now.

Pazzo 2012 Proprietary Red, Napa Valley
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This “crazy” wine is a real crowd pleaser that was crafted was star winemaker Kirk Venge.  The 2012 vintage, as you know is a knock-out year, is a stunning blend of some of Claus’ best barrels of Cab, Sangio, Syrah and Petite Sirah.  An ingratiating wine that is wonderful to drink in its youth. In addition to its good looks, it displays a nose of red berry aromas and follows through with spirited, sweet, lingering, fruit flavors.  The Cabernet gives it structure, density and black fruit flavors. The Sangiovese offers a “wow” factor of acidity, cherry-berry goodness, and an amazingly fragrant nose that has you craving another glass.  Syrah and Petite Sirah add a bolder richer component and also helps give Pazzo its deep color.  The balance of fruit, oak and tannin is perfect for drinking now.  I’d call this wine delicious!

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Screaming Eagle owned Pinot Noir stunner – FREE SHIPPING!

The 2012 Amrita Pinot Noir is the second vintage of Amrita from the organic Wenzlau Vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills, which is adjacent to the great vineyards of Sea Smoke and Mount Carmel.  The venture is a partnership between Charles Bank (Screaming Eagle/Jonata, etc) and Raj Parr (Sommelier of the Michael Mina Group). Their winemaker is Sashi Moorman.  Sandhi, is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “alliance” and was chosen to reflect the partnership at the winery.  Charles, Raj and Sashi’s have one common goal – make amazing wine that is not overripe, does not have high alcohol but accentuate subtlety, minerality, structure and balance.

Sandhi 2012 “Amrita” Wenzlau Vineyard Pinot Noir, Santa Rita Hills
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The 2012 Sandhi “Amrita”, meaning the “nectar of immortality” in Sanskrit is aromatic with layers of crushed cherries and licorice.  This knockout wine is huge, yet extremely well-tailored and elegant.  Remarkable texture, gorgeous from start to finish.  Sweet cherries and licorice jump out of the glass on impact.  This medium to full-bodied wine is elegant and lush with layers of well-balanced fruit and acid ratios.  Gobs of red and black cherries, flowers, a touch of spice and subtle acidity dance across the palate.  A real complex beauty and will turn many heads.  The finish is long and delicate.  Only 125 cases produced!

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Under $40.00 Chardonnay GEM

This small winery in the Santa Rita Hills is the brain child of Jeff and Nikki Nelson.  Their wine maker is Brandon Sparks-Gillis (the “man” behind the Dragonette success).

Liquid Farm 2012 “White Hill” Chardonnay, Santa Rita Hills
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This Chablis style Chardonnay highlights the unique salinity that comes from the ancient soils of the Santa Rita Hills.  Sourced from the great Zotovich (Brewer-Clifton, Diatom, Paul Lato), Kessler-Haak & Rita’s Crown vineyards this wine (named in honor of the chalky white hills of Chablis and diatomaceous earth of Sta. Rita Hills) offers a gorgeous nose of perfumed peaches and nectarines.  Medium to full in body, this wine is crisp in texture and depth, with very expressive aromas and flavors on both nose and palate.  Hints of lemon curd, pear, fresh citrus and a touch of tamarind.  The minerality is not overpowering, but clean and seductive!  You think expensive French, but get a well-priced Californian instead!  This 300 case production is of incredible value and will sell out quick!

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Exquisite Cab by Thomas Rivers Brown

The story of Hobel Wine Works began in 1998, when Cameron Hobel first met friend and winemaker Thomas Brown in Napa. Cameron was working as the Director of Business Development at Winebid.com and Thomas was working as Assistant Winemaker at Turley Wine Cellars. Their mutual love of great wine led to many shared dinners and glasses of wine, where they discussed the prospect of finding a project that would allow them to work together in producing a world-class wine. The opportunity finally arose eleven years later, with the 2009 Hobel Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hobel 2011 Cabernet Napa Valley
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Three times is a charm, and it really is.  The 2011 Hobel Cabernet Sauvignon is reminiscent of the 2009 vintage in that is very expressive out of the gate. The nose is bright with both sweet and savory notes. There are copious amounts of raspberry, dark chocolate covered cherries, spices and oak . The wine crosses the pallet effortlessly with a touch of grip to provide wonderful texture. Compared to our prior vintages, the 2011 feels like an earlier drinker, but there is a great balance in the wine that should allow it to rest comfortably for at least a decade.

The winemaker says: Location, location, location! In 2011, warmer temperatures in the north end of the Napa Valley pushed the grapes to ripen faster. The slope and hillside aspect of the Engelhard Vineyard allowed the morning fog to burn off more quickly, removing moisture and the potential for rot. We were able to let the grapes hang for a long time and harvest was completed on November 2nd, without a stitch of rot, which was unusual for the 2011 vintage. Wine wise, the 2011 has elements of both the 2009 and 2010 Hobel – it has the tannin structure of the 2009 and the concentration of the 2010. The 2011 Hobel Cabernet Sauvignon was one of the top wines my team produced this year.  237 cases produced!

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PS:  Thomas Rivers Brown is the face behind Schrader (100 Points) and Rivers Marie wines. Named as one of the “8 Impressive New Faces from California” by Wine Spectator


“The” Wine for a First Date

Jeff Cohn (JC Cellars) has been at it for 20+ years since he started his career at Ridge and Rosenblum.  His own label has been on fire as of late.  To lead up into the summer I wanted to introduce a fun wine – The First Date, a Roussanne and Marsanne (White Rhone varietals) blend.

JC Cellars 2011 “First Date” White Rhone Blend (Roussanne & Marsanne)
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Aromatically this wine is unlike any First Date Jeff has ever made, in the sense that it is not focused on bringing the aromatics of peach, apricots and orange blossom of Roussanne, but to intermingle with the more conservative and much deeper aromatics of the Marsanne in this wine.

This wine is a perfect combination for all types of fowl, both wild or farm raised.  Goes well with fish, shell fish or rich meats such as veal or pork.  Also enjoy this with young or slightly aged goat cheese.

Jeff Cohn says: “Seduction is the first thing I think of when I taste this wine. This is a wine that has gone through many experimental changes over the years. Always Roussanne and Marsanne. These are two of my favorite white wines. I also love Viognier and have always felt that a touch of this grape could take this wine to even a more hedonistic level. The 2011 is without a doubt the year that made me want to go to the next level. Yes the Roussanne is still fermented and aged in the Cement egg and yes we are still 30% new French oak, but this year instead of 75% Roussanne and 25% Marsanne, we brought up the Marsanne % up to 40%. I felt the seduction of the Stage Coach Marsanne was so amazing and it balanced so well with the Roussanne , I just could not resist.”

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The next Kosta Browne Pinot is here!

The journey that is Soliste, reflects the passion and commitment born of old world beliefs and traditions joined in a way that transcends individual ideas. The Soliste owners were inspired by winemakers who have challenged the status quo to elevate their region or cépage to grand cru level. Central to their philosophy is to be bold, experimental, and take risks; not arbitrarily, but with intent, diligence, and a long term vision. The rebellious voice of the Master of St Andelain, the self-taught iconoclast Didier Dagueneau, echoes in the Soliste winery, “If you want to be the best, you need the methods and techniques to get you there: Your vines must bear the best grapes; your vilification must be the most rigorous. There are no recipes. It’s all in the details of viticulture and all the details of winemaking, the assemblage of little things, 100 details and commitments which makes for the minute differences between a good wine and a great one.”

Soliste 2012 Narcisse Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast
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Intensely pure aromatics of griottes (wild cherries) and boysenberries interlaced with earthy tones. As the wine evolves in the glass, it carries elegant burst of dried fruits, exotic spices, vanilla, and black tea aromatics complemented by bright acidity of red fruit on the finish. The velvety tannins are extremely refined creating a Pinot Noir of great finesse, complexity and elegance. Narcisse 2012 is a mysterious wine that keeps evolving into profound sophistication.


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Paul Hobbs’ 150 case stunner! FREE SHIPPING

Paul Hobbs does not need to be introduced. His skills are amazing and his wines are spectacular. The new Walker Station “John Dory” Chardonnay (150 cases) is just another example of Paul’s exemplary skill level and attention to detail.

Walker Station 2012 “John Dory” Chardonnay Russian River Valley
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This wine is very impressive and very French-like.  On the nose you are greeted by fresh citrus, white flowers, nectarines, a whiff of apricot and crushed rocks.  On the palate this full-bodied gem is very reminiscent to and Old World Montrachet, and I don’t say this lightly!  Powerful on impact yet extremely elegant and finessed wine!  Amazing entry that is followed by just the right amount of acidity on the mid-palate with great viscosity.  A very refreshing wine with all its elements in sync (bright luscious fruit, good acid, a touch a chalk, good minerality and a dollop of butter scotch) makes this wine with incredibly texture a must have for the cellar!

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