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Graceful Pinot Noir by 100 Point Cab Producer

  Located 1400 feet above sea level on the western slopes of Sonoma Mountain, the Sun Chase vineyard is one of the first to emerge from the daily intrusion of fog in the Petaulma Gap, allowing it to capture ample sunlight throughout the growing season. this translates into a pure, fruit driven wine that is […]

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Blind Tasting Pinot Winner!

Our first blind tasting of the year had to start on a mellow note, so we decided on Pinot Noir.  We lined up some great wines and the result was interesting The line-up included: Etude AP Vin (Rosella) The Hilt Siduri (Sebastiano) Pisoni Kosta Browne (Gap’s Crown) Kanzler Talley Rosemary Patz & Hall (Gap’s Crown) […]

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