The Nuts & Bolts to make a good wine…

For many, Nuts & Bolts functions as the Herman Story Gateway Drug. Each vintage delivers a Syrah of exceptional structure, body and power. Nuts & Bolts is built of the most opulent, expressive Syrah barrels in the cellar.

Herman Story 2020 Syrah “Nuts & Bolts”
Paso Robles

GGWC 59.99
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RUSSEL FROM (OWNER/WINEMAKER): “It’s well past sundown at the Chamber of Commerce charity ball and there’s a rattlesnake on the dance floor. Stilettos pierce blackberry soufflés and balsamic-drizzled olives as socialites in violet and dark plum evening gowns head for high ground. It’s all resinous-herb energy, coiling and uncoiling to Moon River. But you’re unfazed as you shed that tuxedo vest, find the shovel in the ballroom’s back closet, and give the tumultuous crowd what they want, all without spilling your drink.”

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