Screaming Eagle’s Original winemaker knows White Wine Too!

Heidi has been around the block, and does not need an intro, or does she… Screaming Eagle’s original winemaker, Amuse Bouche, Vin Perdu, Barrett & Barrett,  etc…. and of course her own label La Sirena (Mermaid). The entire portfolio is red-centric, so for some it might be a surprise to see a white wine from Heidi…

This white, The Moscato Azul is an unusual, delicious dry (not sweet) expression of Muscat Canelli. In its signature blue bottle, Moscato Azul has become a fan favorite for its drinkability, perfumey aroma, crisp acidity, and ability to pair well with many different dishes. It’s especially perfect during the spring and summer time on warm days.

La Sirena 2021 Moscato Azul Napa Valley
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This Moscato Azul offers a clear white-gold color, with vibrant clean aromas of bright tropical fruit and jasmine -honeysuckle floral notes. Crisp and round across the palate, with flavors of pineapple, lychee fruit, and white nectarine. It has a clean finish with bright acidity, and an elegant, polished profile. The Moscato Azul, La Sirena’s proprietary white wine recognizable by its unique style and consistency each year. Reminiscent of DRY Riesling with a bit of minerality and lime peel in the finish when served very chilled. It has tons of flavor without weightiness, enticingly fresh and lively, crisp and dry in the finish.

Heidi Barrett Notes: “Our 2021 dry-style Muscat Canelli is a crisp white wine that is highly aromatic with beguiling tropical and floral notes. Pale straw in color with perfumey aromas of lychee, honeysuckle, white peach, and honeydew melon. Flavors match the aromas in a mouth filling, lush profile. Silky, balanced and unique, this wine pairs so well with a variety of foods and is perfect poolside or while cooking dinner. Yum!”

Robert Parker says: “A wine that Heidi Barrett does better than just about anybody in California is her unbelievably fun Moscato Azul….. Reminiscent of northern Italy’s famous Moscatos. A slow cold fermentation renders a wine with an explosive perfume of spring flowers and tropical fruits. This is an ideal aperitif or breakfast wine, or it can be enjoyed at the end of a meal”. And… “Barrett has hit pay dirt with a lively, consumer-friendly dry Muscat… It is fresh,
light bodied, and crisp… seductive aromatics”.

Actor Alan Rickman, of Bottle Shock fame, once remarked that “it was the most delicious thing ever to pass through his lips”. Can’t argue with that!

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