Really “ONE OF THE BEST” UNDER $100 Napa Cabernets

It started in 1914 when Eliza & Mads Peterson purchased a 100-acre property in the Napa Valley. It hosted a small Zinfandel vineyard, but with the onset of Prohibition in 1920, prunes became the cash crop. It remained an orchard, large vegetable garden and also hosted numerous farm animals.  Not until the 1990s was the orchard replaced by vines again. The current Peterson generation has been growing Petite Sirah, Cabernet and Merlot on the property. Under the guidance of ace-winemaker Robert Foley, the Petersons have been producing amazing wine from the property called “Switchback Ridge” named for the winding trails in the hills above the vineyard. Today Kelly Peterson continues the legacy that began with her great-grandfather, Mads 105 years ago.  Her daughter Ashley is being groomed to take over the reins one of these days as well.

2018 Vintage Notes by Robert Foley & Kelly Peterson:

Switchback Ridge’s 20th Anniversary Vintage! The 2018 vintage has been referred to as an epic “Goldilocks vintage”, with the growing season being compared to that of 2012–a year many vintners and winemakers consider the benchmark for both quality and quantity. The growing season began in February with abundant rainfall, allowing plenty of water to be readily available throughout the spring.    Summer was “not too hot and not too cool, but just right”, without any significant weather events or heat spikes to report.    We experienced an extended fall season    with moderate    heat, which resulted in longer hang time that allowed the fruit to fully develop and accumulate optimal flavor complexity. The fruit was some of our best to date and the resulting 2018 wines are spectacular!    They are rich and dense with incredible color and texture.They are beautifully balanced and complex, yet they are delightfully bright and elegant.    

2018 Switchback Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Peterson Family Vineyard
GGWC 99.99
FREE SHIPPING on 6 or more!
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Intense dark fruit aromas of black cherry and black currant indicate the ripeness and purity of this beautiful Cabernet. Full-bodied, stunningly concentrated and powerful, yet still elegant and seamless The structural framework is sturdy, while tannin grips very gently, carrying the fruit flavors with a trace of vanilla into a long, graceful finish. 

Winemaker Notes: A rich, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with captivating aromas of blackberry, black cherry and dark currant.  These flavors continue onto the palate    with just a trace of cocoa vanilla and deliver a mouth-coating explosion of flavor! The tannins are abundant, yet chewy and ripe, and resolve in a long, elegant finish.

Also check out these other Switchback Gems:

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Pickpocket this wine, you will not get punished, you’ll get rewarded with… FREE SHIPPING

Owner and Winemaker Curt Schalchlin has been producing high-quality Rhone blends at a very respectable price level for years. Curt worked for some of the best winemakers in industry and went solo about over a decade ago, and the rest is history. Today Sans Liege has a worldwide fan base among my clients, as far as Japan, Europe and South America.  The 2018 Sans Liege “The Pickpocket” Grenache is by far the best release to date!

Sans Liege 2018 Grenache “Pickpocket” Santa Barbara
GGWC 49.99
Use code SANSLIEGE during checkout

Winemaker Tasting Notes: “The small box, ornately carved from sandalwood, is tucked safely away inside a suede bag. He recognized its value and took it when no one was looking. Turning down a dirt road lined with raspberry brambles he looks in the rearview. No one – he smiles to himself and takes a sip birch beer. The windows are down and the late afternoon air smells of cinnamon, anise and slate. Dust rises behind him now – there’s a car – the chase is on.”

Vineyard Sites: 50% Derby, 17% Bien Nacido Vineyard, 17% Spanish Springs, 12% Jack Creek, 4% Slide Hill.

Also check out these other great wines made by Curt:
Sans Liege 2018 “The Offering” GSM
Sans Liege 2019 Côtes du Coast, White Blend
Groundwork 2019 Grenache Blanc 
Sans Liege 2018 Prophetess

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California meets Italy… a bargain white that will dazzle your wallet and please your palate


This is only the sixth  vintage of Annia made by 100 Point winemaker Dan Petroski (the genius behind Larkmead’s success). There is a story that George Vare liked to tell us about Ribolla, according to the late, great Stanko Radikon, Ribolla is the consummate supporting actor when blended into a wine under the 50% threshold. at that minority level, the grape will truly morph into the background, providing the floors, the walls and the ceiling for the other grapes to adorn. in the 2020 Annia, the Ribolla in the wine is flattering; stone fruit and baked apple with green almond on the palate that plays off the Tocai’s citrus blossom and pear skin. The 12% of Hyde Chardonnay in the blend tightens the wine a bit, but in reality it just steps aside and gives the two Friulian varieties a stage to play on; however, expect the Chardonnay to get involved as the wine ages. 

Massican 2020 Annia White Blend, Napa Valley
Reg. 39.99 – NOW 34.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more!
Use code MASSICAN during checkout

This is a fun Italian varietal inspired barrel-fermented and -aged white from a famous grower site in Carneros, which does justice to its soulful sense of place. Brioche and nutmeg aromas lead to a mid palate of succulent green apple, pear and oak, with lifted, bright and layered acidity. Complex and completely delicious, it remains focused and balanced throughout.

Winemaker Notes: “ Our flagship white wine blend sourced from small vineyards around the Napa Valley. The three grape varietals, Tocai Friulano 61%, Ribolla Gialla 27%, Chardonnay 12%, are harvested separately and fermented independently in French Oak and stainless steel tanks until blending six weeks before bottling. The Tocai and Ribolla build the aroma and flavor profile of the wine, while the Chardonnay adds to the wine’s structure. The wine is fresh and subtle and fulfills the promise set forth years ago to bottle memorable white wines, unique amongst the whites of California.”

Some fun facts from the winery for the calorie counters:
Gluten Free:  Yes
Vegan: Yes 
Calories per 100/ml:  72.4 
Calories per Glass (5oz):  113 
Carbohydrates g/100ml:  1.8 
Carbs per Bottle 13.5 
Carbs per Glass (5oz) 2.8 

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The “New” Rules for Wine Pairing

The “New” Rules for Wine Pairing

By Dwight Furrow
in Food and Wine Aesthetics
Bianca Sanon’s article in Eater entitled “It’s Time to Forget the Old Rules of Wine Pairing” gets off on the wrong foot but ends up making excellent points anyway.

There is a long history of the all-knowing wine guru telling you that you absolutely must have X with Y. Sommelier courses like the Wine and Spirit Education Trust train and test students on traditional, tried-and-true pairings, maximizing the enjoyment of food and wine. This skill is among the most important components of the sommelier’s expertise, a supposedly quantifiable measurement that, in reality, is completely subjective.

Hmm. Not exactly. There are “tried and true” pairings that any somm should know because they work and have worked for decades. Grilled Steak with a rich, tannic, Cabernet Sauvignon; Stilton cheese and LBV Port; lobster with drawn butter and Chardonnay—there is widespread agreement about these among amateurs and professionals alike. If they were “completely subjective” there would be no such agreement. However, what is subjective is that we all have personal preferences that influence whether we enjoy a particular pairing or not. If you like lobster and Chardonnay, then you will enjoy their combination. If you don’t like lobster you probably won’t.

However, she is right that there is no “secret formula” that will “unlock the full potential of a dish.” There are no formulas, secret or otherwise. Pairing wine and food is a matter of finding a match between an individual wine, and individual dish (which likely won’t be the product of a traditional recipe), and an individual person with their distinctive preferences and sensitivities. Cabernet Sauvignon and grilled steak might be a great pairing but it doesn’t follow that any Cabernet will work with any grilled steak, especially when you have to consider the sauce or other ingredients on the plate. Generalizations are just not going to apply.

When you add to this particularity the way we often eat today—ordering several small plates for the table from diverse global cuisines—your chances are finding a wine that pairs with every dish are very slim.

She provides three new rules of food and wine pairing that provide a useful framework. (Although we need to stop thinking of them as rules. They are guidelines for exploration)

“Pair to the vibe, not the plate.” Take into consideration the environment, the gathering and its purpose, the music, the weather, etc. It’s more important to serve a wine that fits the occasion rather than the Mélange of dishes on the table.

“Change the Vocabulary.” A subject close to my heart. Describing wines as brooding, shy, elegant, or vivacious tells us more than wine’s technical vocabulary about how a wine will capture the mood of an occasion. As she says, “drink a wine because of the way it makes you feel…”
“Just Drink What You Like.” As she notes, “The key to wine knowledge is a willingness to explore. The “wrong” wine is not a villain out to ruin a meal. Food is what’s bringing complex taste interactions into the mix and may affect the balance of the wine, not the other way around.”

This is too often overlooked in discussions of wine and food pairing. A wine will seldom ruin the food you’re eating. At worst they may just produce a standoff with no interaction at all. But food can absolutely ruin the wine you’re drinking. A dish with too much sweetness will make that $150 Napa Cabernet taste thin and sour.

Wine and food pairing is loads of fun if you approach it, not from the standpoint of “right” or “wrong,” but as a taste adventure and a form of play.

A Note from Frank…
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20th Anniversary for the Karate Kid Writer turned First Class Winery Owner!

Screenplay writer turned Vineyard and Winery owner Robert Kamen has done it again. His ace winemaker Mark Herold has been making consistent 95+ Point rated wine from their Sonoma property. For 15 straight vintages the wine has received 93-99 Points, this is the most solid A rating ever.

Talking about “A” ratings, check out Robert’s movie portfolio: Taps, The Karate Kid (1,2 & 3), The Punisher, Lethal Weapon 3, A Walk in the Clouds , The Fifth Element , Kiss of the Dragon, The Transporter (1,2 & 3), Bandidos, Taken (1 & 2) and many others. Robert Kamen purchased his 280 acre property in 1980 with the proceeds of his first screenplay, and the rest is history. The certified biodynamic vineyards were planted by another vineyard entrepreneur, Phillip Coturri. Mark Herold (Merus, Kobalt, Herold etc.) has been his winemaker since 2001.

Robert Kamen and I go back to the very first vintage (1999), so I am proud to be a part of this great run of 20 vintages!!!

GGWC 99.99
FREE SHIPPING on 6 or more
Use code KAMEN during checkout

Mix & match with other Kamen OK

Winemaker  notes: “Phenomenal concentration! A core of ripe black-raspberries, wild blackberries, black currants and freshly picked cherries anchor the aromatic profile. Bright notes of freshly picked wildflowers followed by hints of sunbaked rocks after the rain, marzipan, Oolong tea, black cardamom and milk chocolate add tremendous depth and complexity. The flavors follow suit and are richly layered, exquisitely balanced and refined. This deliciously seamless wine offers ripe, mouthwatering tannins and a lengthy finish. Enjoy now and over its decades-long evolution.

Also check out these other great Kamen releases:
Kamen 2018 Cabernet “Lava Block” Estate
Kamen 2019 Sauvignon Blanc Estate
Kamen 2018 Syrah Estate

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Flawless Thomas Rivers Brown White Blend = 15% OFF

Mending Wall Winery is a partnership between three owners: Frank Dotzler (one of the co-founders of Outpost Winery), Mark Pulido and Donna Walker (owners of Pulido-Walker Wine) and well-regarded winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown.

Mending Wall 2018 Stone on Stone Proprietary White, Napa Valley
Retail 40.00 – NOW 33.99  
Use code MW18PW during checkout

Mix & match OK with other Mending Wall wines

The Mending Wall Stone on Stone Proprietary White is a small cuvée of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon fermented together in stainless steel and aged there nine months prior to bottling. Crisp honeysuckle, beeswax, lanolin, quince, and white currants jump from the glass of this fresh, medium-bodied, well-made and elegant dry white.
Winery Notes: “To retain acidity and preserve the mouthwatering nature of the wine, malolactic fermentation is blocked. We favor a more grassy, steely profile in the style of white Bordeaux, and are excited to present the first vintage of this wine aged 100% in stainless steel. The Semillon brings an appealing fleshiness to the blend, lending the palate a sleek viscosity that the Sauvignon Blanc frames with nicely integrated acid and minerality. Because we take a hands-off approach to winemaking, you may notice natural tartrate crystals forming at low temperatures in this unmanipulated wine. We recommend storing it at cellar temperature and suggest refrigeration two hours before serving.”
Also check out: 

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A British couple settled in the hills of Mendocino where they found land with schist-like Cote–Rotie soils on a windblown cool mountain top overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which would become their “estate” vineyard. With the assistance of Justin Smith (Saxum), Crole Meredith & Steve Lagier (Lagier-Meredith), Mike Officer (Carlisle) and Wells Guthrie (Copain) they set out to plant what has become a much regarded Rhone-varietal vineyard. Wells helped develop and maintain the vineyard. Under the tutelage of the great Roar winemaker (Scott Shapley) they have put some very good quality and well-priced wines on the wine map!

All three wines can mix & match for free shipping (to the same address)

Halcon 2019 Syrah “Alturas” Estate Yorkland Highlands, Mendocino
GGWC 37.99
Use code HALCON during checkout

Winery Notes: “The 2019 Halcón Syrah fruit was picked October 16 th , just three days ahead of the previous year. As in 2018, the moderate high temperatures and very cool nights preserved acids and slowed sugar development, however, the crop was significantly below historical averages. The Syrah fruit came from various parcels of the Halcón vineyard, predominately the Chave selection, co-fermented with a slightly higher 5% Viognier. We again utilized 50% whole-cluster and aged the wine in neutral French oak puncheons. The low crop level led to a concentrated but still superbly balanced wine with the long hang-time giving fine tannin. The fruit is a little more upfront but still very fresh with lots of savory characteristics. It is a more open, slightly more intense version of the 2016 vintage and likely the best Alturas to date. Unfined, unfiltered. 13.7%. Only 190 cases.”

Tasting Notes: “The Alturas is a wonderful wine, offering up a youthful but superb bouquet of violets, cracked pepper, grilled meat and crunchy cassis. On the palate, the wine is medium-bodied, concentrated and tensile, with fine-grained tannins, a deep core of crunchy fruit and a long, sapid finish. While this is already delicious, it’s emphatically a young wine, and the real fireworks will begin when it has five years on the clock. Cropped at 1.25-tons per acre and fermented with 50% whole clusters, this lovely Syrah from Halcón wouldn’t be out of place in a flight of great Cornas. It’s also shockingly good value.”

Halcon 2019  Petite Sirah “Tierra” Theopolis Vineyard Yorkland Highlands, Mendocino
GGWC 35.99
Use code HALCON during checkout

The 2019 Petite Sirah is another exceedingly elegant, seamless wine from Gordon’s estate vineyard. Deep purple-hued with notes of blueberries, California bay leaf, violets, and bouquet garni, it’s medium-bodied, elegant, and lightly textured, with the fresh, focused, streamlined style that’s present in all these new releases. It’s going to be reasonably approachable on release yet keep for 15 years, if you’re so inclined.

Halcon 2019 Pinot Noir “Oppenlander Vineyard” Mendocino
GGWC 36.99
Use code HALCON during checkout

The 2019 Halcon “Oppenlander” Pinot Noir opens with an amazing bouquet of crushed flowers, Bing cherries, licorice and spices that jump out of the glass. A very masculine wine, yet incredibly refined and juicy. If this were a Burgundy, I’d say Pommard! Full bodied wine, that is rich and very substantial in the fruit department – well-balanced with the right touches of acid where needed!  Lush, with an incredible velvety-textured personality.  Amazingly long finish loaded with fresh, lively fruit and silky tannins.

Winery Notes: “The Pinot Noir Oppenlander Vineyard is gracious and nicely lifted. Lavender, spice, dark blue/purplish fruit and mint are all nicely lifted in a mid-weight Pinot that offers an intriguing mix of forward fruit and Mendocino energy. Medium in body, with lovely energy, the 2019 Pinot is a winner”

Don’t miss our
Halcon Virtual Tasting with owner/winemaker Paul Gordon
on June 4th!

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LAST CALL 4 DuMol’s 2018 vintage at a nice DISCOUNT, and shipping is FREE!

We only have a handful of the 2018 DuMol releases remaining in stock. We are offering these to you at a nice discount and they are not going to last. Winemaker Andy Smith has done it again, receiving scores from 94 to 98 Points on this vintage and you are not going to want to miss out!

DuMol 2018 Pinot Noir “Wester Reach” Russian River Valley ~ 94 Points
Retail 74.99 – NOW 69.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Incredibly aromatic and complex, the 2018 Pinot Noir Wester Reach offers loads of spiced red fruits, incense, wood smoke, and forest floor notes as well as a medium-bodied, fresh, focused, yet still pleasure bent style. It’s a classic DuMol Pinot Noir to drink over the coming 5-7 years. This cuvée comes all from the Russian River Valley, from multiple clones, and spent a year in 40% new French oak.

Winemaker Andy Smith Notes: “Our 2018 Wester Reach Pinot Noir is a pure, highly detailed cool-climate Russian River Pinot from the greatest vintage of the last two decades. The vineyards comprising this blend are core sites of classic pedigree that we have either planted or farmed for over twenty years. There’s lovely equilibrium to this wine, four distinct vineyards coming together seamlessly. Beautiful soaring aromas of blood orange and pomegranate darken to classic black cherry and raspberry. The deep entry expands along strong lines with good drive and detail to its red and black fruit flavors. Dark fruits and cherry compote lead the palate—great depth of flavor but always fresh and precise. Savory elements steer the wine toward complexity that will continue to build with age.  As the wine opens in the glass, natural Russian River textures and volume takes hold—broad, supple and layered—bolstered by youthful acidity. The silky finish lingers long with vibrance and clarity. The wine is layered, textured and deep with pinpoint finesse and as vivid an expression of both region and vintage as one could imagine.” 36% DuMOL Estate, 24% Upp Road, 22% Widdoes & 18% Occidental Road”

Robert Parker 94 Points: “The 2018 Pinot Noir Wester Reach has a medium ruby color and a nose of cranberry sauce, blackberries, cinnamon stick, forest floor, black tea leaves and accents of potpourri. Made entirely with free-run juice, the medium-bodied palate bursts with juicy berry fruits, perfumed and fresh, finishing very long.”

Jeb Dunnuck 94 Points: “As with the Chardonnay, the 2018 Pinot Noir Wester Reach goes out to distribution only as opposed to being offered through the mailing list. Lots of spice box, forestry, earthy notes, spring flowers, and a core of black raspberry fruit all give way to a more medium-bodied, elegant, silky wine that has no hard edges, ripe tannins, and the class to shine for 7-8 years. It’s a beautiful wine as well as a terrific introduction into the wines of DuMOL.”

DuMol 2018 Wild Mountainside Syrah  ~ 94 Points
Retail 64.99 – NOW 59.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Andy Smith Notes: “The wine was grown in our three classic steep hillside vineyards, each one offering something unique to the blend. Timbervine (41%)  is complex, gamey and wildly aromatic; Greywacke (37%) brims with pure cassis fruit and broad texture; and our GVR Estate (21%) is blue-fruited, supple and bright. The combination is greater than the sum of its parts, the essence of blending. There’s a seamlessness, a togetherness to the wine that is very hard to achieve. Aromatic fireworks—blackberry jam, black pepper, pine needle, tapenade and briar patch—are deep, inky and intense. The wine is immediately fruit-forward on the palate with obvious concentration, richness and voluptuous texture. Cassis and boysenberry fruits precede game and rosemary tones. Great breadth across the palate is weighty and layered, while chewy cocoa powder tannins bring balance and focus.  There is no wrong time to drink this wine, though it will age beautifully for 15 years. 41% Timbervine, 37% Greywacke, 21% DuMOL Estate.”

Robert Parker 94 Points: “The 2018 Syrah Wild Mountainside was made with about one-third whole clusters and includes about 5% Viognier. Medium to deep ruby-purple, it has gorgeous aromas of smoked meats, crushed blackcurrants, mint leaves, bitter chocolate, violet and blueberries. Medium to full-bodied, it’s well managed in the mouth, restrained but deeply flavored, with a fine, grainy frame and fresh, uplifted finish. About 500 cases were made.”

DuMol 2018 Pinot Noir “Estate” Russian River Valley ~ 98 Points
GGWC 99.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Jeb Dunnuck 98 Points: “The 2018 Pinot Noir DuMOL Estate Vineyard, another awesome bottle of Pinot Noir from Andy Smith. All destemmed and aged 15 months in 45% new French oak, its deeper ruby color is followed by a stunning nose of black raspberries, scorched earth, charcoal, forest floor, and candied orange zest. Rich, medium to full-bodied, and beautifully concentrated, it has some background oak to integrate, but offers perfect balance in its tannins and acidity, a great mid-palate, and a great finish. Give bottles 2-3 years and enjoy over the following decade or more.”

Andy Smith Notes: “A selection from the highest knoll-tops of our Estate Vineyard, the wine has a deep dark fruitiness that is unique: black cherry, anise, violet and sweet spices—pure, lively, succulent aromas. The palate possesses beautiful concentration with a seamless velvety texture that marries perfectly with bright crunchy acid. Penetrating blackberry and cassis notes find all corners of the palate as the flavors drive toward a single focal point, sleek and focused with nuance to burn.  This pure, sappy, captivating wine will live long in the memory. Don’t hesitate to tuck a few bottles away in a cool cellar for 10+ years; the rewards will be great.“

DuMol 2018 Pinot Noir “Ryan” Jentoft Vineyard ~ 98 Points
GGWC 94.99 NOW 89.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Jeb Dunnuck 98 Points: “Moving to the Pinot Noirs, this is easily the finest lineup I’ve tasted from Andy Smith. These are magical wines that check in at the top of the vintage. The 2018 Pinot Noir Jentoft Vineyard Ryan comes from the Russian River Valley and was all destemmed and spent 15 months in 40% new French oak. This is classic Pinot Noir all the way with its ripe black raspberry, baking spices, forest floor, background oak, and earth. Rich, medium to full-bodied, and concentrated on the palate, it’s seamless, flawlessly balanced, and has a great, great finish. It’s a stunning example of world-class Pinot Noir to enjoy over the coming 10-15 years or so.”

Andy Smith Notes: “There’s a good punch to the aromas, which are simultaneously bright and dark: cranberry, black cherry and rhubarb. Highly perfumed Asian spice, juniper and orange peel lend support. The palate is lively and juicy—the flavors of black raspberry, huckleberry and pomegranate vivid and intense with a lovely inner-mouth floral lift. The wine has outstanding cut and definition with lingering hints of peat moss and sweet tobacco that fan out on the seamless mineral finish.”

DuMol 2018 Chardonnay “Chloe” Ritchie Vineyard ~ 96 Points
GGWC 74.99  NOW 69.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Jeb Dunnuck 96 Points: “The 2018 Chardonnay Ritchie Vineyard Chloe is a more rounded, fleshy effort that still plays in the vibrant, more chiseled style favored by this estate. Beautiful crushed citrus, pineapple, Meyer lemon, and white flower notes all dominate the bouquet, and this beauty hits the palate with a rich yet racy style that carries loads of fruit and texture as well as bright acidity. I love it, and while it’s great today, it promises to shine for 7-8 years and have a gradual evolution beyond that as well.”

Andy Smith Notes: “The wine’s aromas are bright and expansive with yellow peach, nectarine and white flowers. A suggestion of flint and spearmint adds detail. Viscosity and opulence are immediate on the palate with tangerine oil, honeycomb and candied ginger richness. On the deep midpalate, the wine’s texture builds effortlessly: lemon oil, apricot and quince paste. Befitting this structured vintage, the wine is quite chiseled with precise, balancing acidity and flavors of grapefruit pith on the finish. “

DuMol 2018 Chardonnay “Estate” DuMOL Vineyard ~ 96 Points
GGWC 79.99 – NOW 74.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Jeb Dunnuck 96 Points: “From the estate vineyard on the Sonoma Coast and all Mt. Eden clone, the 2018 Chardonnay DuMOL Estate was barrel fermented and spent 11 months in barrel followed by 6 months in stainless steel. Its light gold color is followed by a rocking bouquet of ripe pears, white flowers, nectarines, and peaches. Medium to full-bodied, with beautiful purity and finesse as well as ample mid-palate depth, it’s a terrific, almost Burgundian Chardonnay that’s going to benefit from a year or three of bottle age and evolve for over a decade.”

Andy Smith Notes: ”The wine’s aromas are classically intense, mineral and stony, displaying less simple fruit and more savory elements: thyme flower, sage, mint and sweet hay. Lemongrass and lime notes rise up with chamomile followed by honeysuckle richness. The palate is intense, densely packed and wonderfully deep with a core of rich lemon and lime oil. There’s focus, verve and vibrancy in the wine’s long, briny, flinty-mineral finish. Its succulence and obvious richness are quite rare, but the wine’s high natural acidity keeps it mouthwatering and tense at all times. “

DuMol 2018 Chardonnay “Isobel” Charles Heintz Vineyard ~ 96 Points
GGWC 74.99 -NOW 69.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Vinous 96 Points: “One of the early highlights in this range, the 2018 Chardonnay Isobel Charles Heintz Vineyard is wonderfully precise and nuanced. The natural richness of this site comes through, but the 2018 is a bit more focused and pointed than it usually is. Exotic floral notes and hints of tropical fruits play off striking mineral underpinnings. This is such a vivid and captivating young Chardonnay.”

Robert Parker 95 Points: “Winemaker Andy Smith says that because of the very large crops and big clusters in 2018, there was some inevitable botrytis character in the 2018 Chardonnay Isobel Charles Heintz Vineyard. Although the nose is youthfully tight, the petrichor and flint aromas open to lemon drop and tropical hints, and the palate, which is tight, linear and bright, hints at more savory layers to come, finishing lifted and ethereal. This vintage has loads of personality and should be very long lived.”

Andy Smith Notes: “Aromas are deep, broad and complex: lemongrass, spearmint, thyme and white flowers. With air, a hint of honeysuckle emerges alongside rich brioche and dried apricot notes. The palate is immediately layered and full, with a sense of deep extract and concentration that comes directly from the vines. Stone fruits, oily citrus and preserved lemon are balanced by fresh, satisfying vibrant acidity. Building texture leads to a long echo of flavor that sails on and on. “

DuMol 2018 Syrah “Eddie’s Patch” Hoppe Kelly Vineyard ~ 96 Points
GGWC 94.99   – NOW 89.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code DUMOL18 during checkout

OK to mix & match with other Dumol wines!

Jeb Dunnuck 96 Points: “Even better, the 2018 Syrah Eddie’s Patch comes from the Russian River Valley and saw 30% stems. It has a touch more vibrancy as well as gorgeous notes of blue fruits, crushed violets, ground pepper, and a touch of loamy earth. With terrific balance, silky tannins, and a solid spine of acidity, it’s another killer Syrah from this estate.”

Andy Smith Notes: “The wine delivers noteworthy purity and tremendous range. Captivating aromas of dark berry fruit and plum are at the wine’s core as white pepper, sesame oil and fresh rosemary add detail. The palate displays a classic lilting element found in the world’s greatest, most memorable wines: the flavors continually push and evolve with each return to the glass. The palate is deep and penetrating with broad layers and a lovely mouth-coating density. Ripe blackberry fruit shifts to graphite and tapenade notes as the wine flows and expands. Its texture fills every corner of the palate, while lingering peppery spices preserve freshness on the finish.”

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4 Best Reasons For Rosé Right Now

4 Best Reasons For Rosé Right Now

by Cathy Huyghe


For wine lovers, it’s practically synonymous with rosé.

This year, as the wine industry and consumers alike emerge from the dark depths of COVID, “rosé season” has taken on an even more welcome and refreshing character than usual. Each glass of rosé I’ve enjoyed within the past few weeks has felt like a gentle step forward in the right direction. (Extrapolating that wine experience to a lighter mood and perspective, both physically and psychologically, is not such a big leap.)

Why rosé? And why now? There are plenty of easy answers and low-hanging-fruit responses to those questions. But it’s also worth teasing out the nuances of a few of them as a way to jump start the quenching of our collective thirst, with the long days of summer just around the corner.

Here are four best reasons for rosé right now.

Glasses of rose wine at wine tasting.

The Social Nature of Rosé

Rosé and sparkling wine share some things in common, one of which is their social nature.

Think about it. When was the last time you opened a bottle of sparkling wine just for yourself? Similarly, when was the last time you drank rosé alone? Maybe we did, a little more than usual, during the unusual circumstances of COVID. Fair enough. But now that meeting up with friends is becoming safer and more acceptable again, we can also start to embrace rosé’s more social nature with open arms.

The Market Impact of COVID

The economic news feeds of the wine industry have been populated this past year by the impact of COVID on consumer purchasing habits, most notably sparkling wine and the loss of holiday momentum or seasonal desire to celebrate that’s associated with Champagne and its counterparts. The most recent numbers from the Champagne Bureau USA, for example, indicate that Champagne shipments to the US in the past year dropped by almost 20 percent compared to 2019.

The timing of the “roll out” of our post-COVID return to normal, however, bodes well for rosé, at least in some locations in the northern hemisphere as the weather warms up, restaurants begin to open again to more capacity, and group gatherings (along with cool glasses of chilled rosé in guests’ hands) become more socially acceptable.

The Quirks of COVID Time

Time has been playing COVID tricks on us. Holidays (especially without gatherings of family and friends) lost at least some of their seasonal significance during the pandemic. Weekdays and weekends blurred together. The clothes and even the footwear – that during regular times marked the progression of the day’s activities from morning to night – lost some of their ability to differentiate “work” from “home.”
The pending return to some normalcy of chronological routine will also help with the eventual re-alignment of work, family and social schedules. Which means better tuning in to seasonal fluctuations outside, and more attentive wine choices too.

The Diversity, and the Respect, of Rosé

Not so long ago, rosé fought for respect among consumers and critics alike. It used to be that you wouldn’t undertake a “study” of rosé the way you would undertake a serious consideration of pinot noir, for example, or chardonnay. Those days, happily, are in the rear view mirror as a more serious (and even rigorous) consideration of rosé has emerged, both in terms of winemaker attention and consumer appreciation.
As a toast to rosé season, why not consider tasting through a selection and talking about the differences with friends? Line up a few bottles of rosé from, say, northern Italy next to a few from southern Italy, and notice obvious differences, like intensity or depth of color. Then do a little research about the grapes that are responsible for the fluctuations, beginning with color then moving onto aromas and flavor profiles as well.

It’s a fun way to step into the season, that is as educational as it is entertaining.

LUCY BY PISONI (1.00 of each bottle goes to breast cancer research)

G.O.A.T – Hot NEW Barbour Cabernet by 100 Point Winemaker is now in stock!

Jim Barbour was raised on his family ranch in Rutherford where he learned the life of framing, a passion for land, and the understanding that hard work breeds success. After graduating from UC Davis, Jim returned to Napa to begin a career that would lead him to become one of Napa Valley’s most sought-after and successful viticulturists.  He has been dedicated to his craft, producing premium wine grapes using traditional and contemporary hand-farming methods.  Jim has planted and managed many prominent vineyards in the valley, including Hundred Acre, Checkerboard, Blankiet, Revana, Gandona Estate, The Vineyardist, Keever, Pillar Rock, DR Stephens, Husic, Grace Family, and more.  In 1992 he planted his own vineyard and in 1995 produced his first vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon of just 50 cases.

His winemaker is no other than Celia Welch A.K.A. “Miss 100 Points” , known for her great skills putting wineries on the map of success.  Her list is long, but in case you didn’t know – Scarecrow, Corra, Keever, Kelly Fleming, Lindstrom, Rewa, Castiel, 2480 Hollywood & Vine, etc. She took over from the “other” 100 point winemaker, Heidi Barrett and the rest… is history!

Barbour 2018 “Estate” Cabernet, Napa Valley                                                                                                       
GGWC 154.99
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The Barbour Estate Cabernet is amazingly opulent from start to finish.  The wine’s aromas of black stone fruit, anise, mocha and chocolate jump out of the glass on impact.  This full-bodied wine is loaded with generously layered dark berry, plum, chocolate and exotic spices that tickle the lush concentrated palate. A MUST HAVE WINE 4 THE CELLAR!

Winery Notes: “Barbour Vineyard in St. Helena always seems to yield spectacular fruit with a very lifted, slightly perfumed flair to the purple boysenberry and blackberry notes. The 2018 Cabernet seems to emphasize those lifted, aromatic qualities even more intensely. In addition to the purple fruit, notes of plum, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sweet earth add complexity. The mouthfeel is full, fruit-forward and elegant, with approachable tannins and just enough grip to lend weight to the core. The finish echoes the aroma, with forward, juicy fruit notes.”  

Celia Welch Notes: “Harvested by-hand from grapes grown on our dry-farmed vineyard, the 2018 vintage of Barbour Cabernet Sauvignon has aromas of gooey blackberry pie, sweet cocoa, black currant, and bour and are chewy and present, yet approachable.  Dark fruit flavors dominate the lengthy finish.”

Only 347 cases of this amazing wine were produced

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