Holiday Gift Cases

Dear Friends,
The Holidays are upon us. I know it has been a rough year for all of us, so let us focus on better times ahead, and share some holiday cheer among all of us! I created some ideas for you from budget to extravagant, and from succulent reds to great bubblies. I have some great Gift Cases to fit any wish list. If you need some help choosing the perfect wines for someone in particular, I am available as your personal sommelier. Check out these suggestions, but feel free to call me anytime at 415-337-4083, as we can always make the “special” case for you as well!  The first 10 Gift Case Orders will receive a FREE GIFT!
Holiday Gift Cases
Holiday Gift Cases
Holiday Gift Cases
Bubbles in a Box - 6 Pack
Bubbles in a Box - 3 Pack
Cal-Du-Rhone Six Bottle Gift Case
California Myth Full Case
California Myth 1/2 Case
Franks Holiday Sampler Case
Pinot Envy Six Bottle Case
Sixth Sense Gift Pack
A Threesome... of Wine
Holiday Bargain Gift Case
Make Your Own Gift Case

Remember that our Wine Clubs make great holiday gifts as well!

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