VOTE 4 the WINE PARTY 2020! Vote Frank Melis 4 President … of the Wine Party!


Dear Friends,
You know I would NEVER tell you how or who—but, I will throw in my advocacy to try (and by try, I mean VOTE 4 the Wine Party!).

In my book a bottle of wine has no political, religious or gender based affiliations – You love it no matter what! Do get your voice out there this year, and tell our country who you’d like to see in charge. Or, who you think should be in charge anyway.

Like I often say to my children – if you don’t vote you certainly cannot complain who is in charge. Because whichever direction your heart lies, there will likely be grief or gratification waiting for you. And, when we have those moments… We often need a full glass…or four!

*This message is endorsed by Frank Melis for President!


In the meantime, while we await the results, here is a wine suggestion for you… Bastard Tongue, an Hedonistic Pinot Noir & FREE Shipping

Inheriting an unbroken string of success — dating back to 2011 — the 2018 “Bastard Tongue” arrives fully-formed and ready to impress. Always a blend from multiple “Grand-Cru” Pinot Noir vineyards, this iteration of “BT” was selected from three distinct sites, each making their own unique contribution of Sonoma County terroir to the wine’s character. Exploding forth on a tidal wave of high-toned, intense red and black fruits, this is a Pinot Noir that no stemware can contain. The palate’s profound depth is balanced by an inherent freshness, allowing the wine to crackle with brambly energy, while sustained by bass notes of underbrush, black tea, pie spice and bakers chocolate. A formidable rendition of “Bastard Tongue”, and deserving successor to its 97-Point rated predecessor.

Argot 2018 “Bastard Tongue” Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
GGWC 84.99
FREE SHIPPING on 6 or more
Use code ARGOT during checkout

The Bastard Tongue, a blend of Swan, Pommard and Dijon 115 clones, offers up dark raspberry, strawberry and cherry notes that give the wine a dark-red-fruit character, but there are also loamy soil undertones, underbrush, spice box and a rich, medium to full-bodied, fleshy mouthfeel. This is a complex Pinot Noir to drink now and over the next decade.

A selection of barrels displaying the magnificence of Sonoma County Pinot Noir — that specific balance of opulent fruit, inherent spice and earthen notes. 2018’s cuvee brings forth a significant emphasis on Sonoma’s oldest heritage selection, the Swan Clone. 

Sourced from multiple, cool-climate vineyards that Argot has worked hand-in-hand with for the past decade. Each site was chosen due to its distinct soils and expert expression of Sonoma County’s world-class terroir. Applying a thoughtful farming ethos, informed by quality-over-quantity, each vintage we harvest grapes of a singular quality. 

Winemaker Notes: “An all-time classic growing season! 2018 achieved rarely experienced heights due to a mild summer that gave way to extended Autumnal perfection, allowing vines the enviable opportunity to leisurely ripen a perfectly consistent and intensely-flavored crop. What arrives in the bottle is a knockout BT, delivering profoundly rich flavors, balanced by unparalleled elegance.“

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