Dear Friends,
These are “strange” times, to say it the least.  First, a big shout out to my “First Responder, Medical, and  Law Enforcement” clients who put their lives on the line to battle this terrible disease.

I am taking care of my staff, paying them their wages while they are hunkered down at home with their families.  I come to my store very early morning and run it as a one-man operation for now (of course my “IT Guy” Jared is still working – remotely for me).  I yield the calls, check in the deliveries, pack the orders, and arrange the curbside deliveries.  

My wife is teaching her students from her university office (since she does not share it with anyone), my two daughters are taking their classes online (the new sentence is… WE ARE ZOOMING).  We hope this will come an end soon, but in the mean time we are doing our part.

Living in “earthquake” country, I have had an “earthquake kit” in my car and a large one in my garage.  That said, I realized I did not have wine in it… I changed that yesterday.   So I highly recommend you make yourself a Survival kit and add some wine to it.  To STIMULATE this measure, I have created the following STIMULUS PLAN that was passed with 100% of the members’ approval!

  1. All orders placed this week will receive 10% OFF.  Use code STIMULUS2020 at checkout.
  2. Orders over $500 will receive FREE SHIPPING
  3. Sign up for our Wine Club – We ship 6 shipments per year of SIX bottles each.  When you pre-pay you always get a nice discount of up to $200!  Now we are not only giving you the discount when you pre-pay, we will include 1 extra shipment at no additional charge.  So that is an ADDITIONAL SAVING of up to $266.00
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A Humbled
St. Frank
Your Patron Saint of Tannins.

PS: With your help we can really celebrate our 15th Anniversary, rather than closing the doors after 15 years.  I also want to bring my employees back as soon as possible (my back does not like the heavy lifting, but I am taking one for the team – 6 days a week, 12 hours per day – and I did not write a pay check to myself this month)

Under $60 , 100% Estate CAB GEM = MUST HAVE

Halter Ranch is a small, family-owned winery located in the heart of Paso Robles’ Westside Adelaida District.  The “pulse’ of Rhone Varietals in California.  All the wines produced by this small winery are 100% Estate-grown.  Aside from growing various “Rhone” varietals, they also have “Bordeaux” varietals on their estate.   The “Ancestor” is named for the oldest oak tree currently in the world.

Halter Ranch 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon “Ancestor” Paso Robles
GGWC 59.99
FREE SHIPPING on SIX or more bottles
Use code  ANCESTOR during checkout

Winery Notes: “Our flagship wine, Ancestor, is our Bordeaux-style reserve blend, and a homage to the Ancestor Tree, the largest Coast Live Oak on record. Carefully selected barrels of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Petit Verdot were blended for this Cuvée which offers aromas of berry compote and baking spices. Rich and powerful on the palate, 2016 Ancestor, displays flavors of boysenberry, cassis, and graphite with a long, silky mouthfeel that leads to a well-structured finish. Ancestor pairs well with beef, lamb, and game. Enjoy now, or set aside for a special occasion, as this wine will develop beautifully for years to come”

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A Powerfull, Fragrant & Bold Chardonnay that over-delivers for its pricetag!


The “Tether” wine is a new Anna Monticelli & Kimberly Jones project. This is real value in a bottle. They make stunning a stunning Cabernet & Chardonnay that over-delivers for the pricetags!

Tether 2017 Chardonnay, Carneros, Napa Valley
GGWC 37.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code TETHER at checkout

Mix & match OK with TETHER CABERNET

The 2017 Tether Napa Valley Chardonnay possesses seductive aromas of jasmine, crushed limestone rock, quince, white peaches, tropical fruit, and toasted coconut. This full-bodied Chardonnay is remarkably finessed and polished. There is balanced acidity on the palate and tremendous depth and length on the finish.
Jeb Dunnuck 94 Points: “A new wine for this label, the 2017 Tether Chardonnay is a big, rich, barrel-fermented Chardonnay from vines next to Carneros. It has rocking notes of stone fruits, honeyed citrus, white flowers, and classy oak. Brilliantly done, medium to full-bodied, and just a screaming deal, drink it over the coming 2-4 years.”

Robert Parker 93 Points: “The 2017 Chardonnay comes from a vineyard in south Napa, adjoining the Carneros AVA. It sashays out of the glass with powerfully fragrant guava, honeydew melon and apricot tart notes with touches of beeswax, marzipan and candied ginger. Medium to full-bodied, the creamy-textured palate is packed with bold, tropical flavors with plenty of freshness and lovely savory sparks on the long finish.”


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B Kosuge 2018 Gamay, Carneros Napa Valley
GGWC 25.99

Use code GAMAY during checkout

The Kosuge Gamay is bright, fresh and more svelte than its older sibling. Maybe a bit more true to the essence of the Gamay grape, though who am I to say? I am loving how fresh and lively the Gamay is already. Although young, it already invites the next sip. Or gulp. It’s more on the red fruit end of the spectrum than the previous vintage and sleek on the palate. It will complement all manner of holiday fare, and having just polished off a bottle myself I can say that it is pretty darn tasty on its own!

Winery Notes: “With all the wines I make, I am part traditionalist and part tinkerer. With this wine, I hope to capture the things that I love about Cru Beaujolais without slavishly imitating it. I’ve been aging it mostly in a concrete egg, with a few neutral barrels. I find that I generally prefer the wine when it’s aged in concrete, at least so far, but whether that is truly traditional in Beaujolais I don’t know and to some extent don’t care. It works with the fruit I have, and that is good enough for me. My Gamay always has a very low pH for red wine. While you can’t necessarily taste pH, it does allow me to use very low levels of sulfur (SO2 is more effective at low pH). It isn’t “natural wine” but it has very little added to it: no yeast, no bacteria, no acid, no sugar, no new oak. The flavors are fresh and lively and are all derived from the grape, nothing else. Pretty primal stuff, just the way I like it. 120 cases produced.“

Also, check out these other great B. Kosuge wines:

Mix & match OK for FREE SHIPPING

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Get a free half-case of wine from Golden Gate Wine Cellars!

Get a free half-case of wine!

Here’s a little secret that up until now only a select few knew about, but now we are opening it up to everyone… The Golden Gate Wine Cellars’ Wine Club!

With all of the incredible wines coming out of California these days, it is almost impossible to know which ones you are really going to enjoy. It is even more difficult to discover the new hidden gems and small production wineries, some of which are only available through mailing lists and pre-allocations.

Here’s where the Golden Gate Wine Cellars’ Wine Club comes in to the picture. Wine expert Frank Melis will hand select a set of six wines from some of the best craft and boutique wineries out there and ship them right to your door. No worry for you about which wines to choose, no searching through the internet to see if a bottle you are looking at has good reviews or ratings, no fuss!

The Golden Gate Wine Cellars’ Wine Club is available in both single-shipment and annual memberships and at varying price levels. Our annual plans come with six shipments spread over the course of the year and gives you an additional savings of up to $200 off of the single-shipment purchase price. Each shipment comes with extra features such as elaborate wine and food pairing notes as well. 

To make things even better, for a limited time only, when you sign up for an Annual Wine Club Membership we’ll throw in an extra shipment for free! That’s SEVEN half-case shipments instead of the usual six, plus the added savings of the annual membership!

This deal won’t last and is not advertised on our website, so sign up now before you miss your chance to get a free half-case of incredible wine!

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Frank’s NEW Rose has arrived and its Yummy!

When I first got into the wine industry a few decades ago, rosé was anything but cool. White Zinfandel from California made the public think that all rosé was sweet, and unfortunately, imports such as Royal Lancers from Portugal and wines such as Sutter Home White Zin confirmed this notion.

Today, however, rosé is the second fastest growing segment of the wine market – the United States is the second largest rosé consuming country in the world, following France of course! It accounts for nearly 10% of all wine made worldwide. You’ll find rosé at high-end restaurants and stores like mine!  On that note, since Paul Lato makes some Syrah and Pinot Noir for me every year, I asked him a few years ago to start making some Rose of Pinot Noir for me, and looking at the response from my clients… a no brainer.  So I am very excited to introduce our NEW Melis Family 2019 Rosé from the Santa Rita Hills to you.

I would not be able to bring this Rosé to the market without the help of my winemaker and  good friend Paul Lato!  Paul helps me source the fruit and the Melis Family helps with the actual blend!

Melis Family 2019 Rose of Pinot Noir, Santa Rita Hills
GGWC 31.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code MELISROSE during checkout

This wine is not an afterthought, but a serious contender. The 2019 Melis Family Rose of Pinot Noir (blend of 2 great Santa Rita Hills vineyards) offers up ample and layered fruit on both nose and palate. On the nose you’ll encounter crushed flowers, cranberry and bright red cherry notes which continue on the pleasant palate laced with a touch of bright acidity. The wine is nicely polished (Paul Lato would not have it any other way) finishing gorgeously. A crowd-pleasing rose!

Also check out this other great Melis Family wine:

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Curbside Pickup!

Curbside Pickup!

Dear Friends of Golden Gate Wine Cellars,

We would like to update you as to the coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. All of us here at GOLDEN GATE WINE CELLARS want you to know that the health and safety of our employees and customers have always been our highest priority. We are now offering curbside pickup for our customers.  As you know you are allowed to go shopping for food (and I guess wine is part of that too…)


1) Place your online order, you can also call or email us. We will process the transaction and let you know when your order is ready for pick up. You can also have us ship it directly to your house if you would prefer!

2) Call us (415)337-4083 when you are outside. Please let us know the make, model and color of your vehicle. We will come to your car and put it in the trunk for you.  You can tip us later…. LOL! 😊

Thank you for your continued support, it is very much appreciated

A Humbled

Patron Saint of Tannins
St. Frank

Remember… It’s not hoarding if it’s wine!

Last chance for a big discount on the best wines!


Today is the LAST day of the 13% OFF SALE, but not the last day of Golden Gate Wine Cellars!

We are all hunkering down, limiting our movement, and staying healthy. I sincerely hope that you and yours are too! But I have several lonely cases of wine that are in need of someone to keep them company during the coming weeks. 

So please take advantage of our sale – ALL wines are 13% OFF – adopt a case of your favorites or try something new, but don’t miss out on selecting some great wines at one of our biggest DISCOUNTS ever!!

Go to my site and use code FRIDAY13 during checkout,
all me at 415.337.4083 or email with your order.

We offer nationwide shipping (*where allowed by law) so we can get your wine right to your door. Or if you are nearby we offer free curbside pickup at 2337 Ocean Avenue in San Francisco. Just call ahead so we know you are coming.

Using the FRIDAY13 code will give you 13% OFF ALL of our wines

Remember… It’s not hoarding if it’s wine!

On the Semantics of Minerality

On the Semantics of Minerality

By Dwight Furrow

If you have been wondering about the state of research into minerality in wine, Alex Maltman in Decanter has you covered. He summarizes all the latest theories about minerality and supporting scientific evidence for them and ends up concluding—well, we still don’t know what it is or where it comes from

But as I read through the article it became clear to me that one reason the science is inconclusive is because there is no agreement on what we mean by “minerality” and the disagreement seems to largely stem from cultural differences.

Another illustration of the communication problem is the different word associations reported by research groups at Lincoln University in New Zealand and at California’s UC Davis. While both teams noted positive correlations between minerality and words like citrus, fresh, zingy, flinty, and smoky, the Lincoln researchers differed from those at Davis in finding no correspondence with acidity or reductive notes.

One study showed that minerality represented different things to Swiss and French wine consumers, and that the Swiss group used a markedly broader vocabulary.

When Professor Maltman turns to the question of where minerality comes from, it seems the science is hampered by that lack of agreement on what the term “minerality” refers to:

A later investigation, from UC Davis, reported that professional tasters found minerality in wines with greater malic and tartaric acidity and, to a lesser extent, free and total sulphur dioxide. However, a New Zealand study, while supporting a role for sulphur dioxide, found no correlation between acidity and perceived minerality, nor with reductive notes.

Here is what stood out to me. The New Zealand study found no correlation between acidity or reductive notes as the cause of minerality. But notice in the first quote, the New Zealand team found no correlation between minerality and word associations indicating acidity and reductive notes. In other words, for New Zealanders, high acid or sulfur compounds were not viewed as the cause of minerality because they don’t refer to high acid or sulfurous wines as “minerally”.

The basic problem is that there are cultural differences in the words used to describe wines. Thus, cross-cultural analyses of causal connections between compounds in the wine and our perceptions will be influenced by how we talk about those perceptions.

This is not unusual. Obviously in our language use we are deeply influenced by the people we interact with and there are often significant cultural differences between language groups even if they nominally speak the same language. There is little reason to think New Zealanders and Americans or the French and the Swiss would share all linguistic references despite the overlap in their official languages.

People have different names for things. That doesn’t necessarily mean we disagree about the underlying non-linguistic phenomenon.

What there does seem to be agreement on is that “minerality” doesn’t come directly from soil or rocks. Despite the tendency to talk as if there are such connections the science seems conclusive.

“Trifecta” for Gallica Cabernet with 3 x 96 Point ratings

Rosemary Cakebread is among the seasoned winemakers who have been instrumental in bringing Napa Valley Cabernet to prominence. After earning a degree in Viticulture and Enology from the University of California, Davis in 1979, she was introduced to Cabernet Sauvignon at the historic Inglenook Winery, where she took her first winery job right after college. She has enjoyed varied experiences during her many years of experience in the production of wines, which include harvests in Bordeaux and with some Champagne producers.  A love for Cabernet Sauvignon was nurtured as winemaker for Spottswoode from 1997 through the 2005 vintage, where she divided her time between winemaking and overseeing the organically farmed estate vineyard. Rosemary celebrated her thirtieth vintage in 2009, which coincided with the bottling of her first release under her own label: the 2007 Gallica Cabernet Sauvignon. The latest release, her 10th of Gallica might be here best offer yet to date.  STUNNING I’d say!  Especially when the Three Big Critics give it the same 96 Point Rating!!  

Gallica 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville Napa Valley
GGWC 184.99
FREE SHIPPING on 4 or more
Use code GALLICA during checkout

96+ Points Robert Parker: “Very deep garnet-purple colored, the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville is blended of 83% Cabernet Sauvignon and 17% Cabernet Franc. It sings of blackcurrant cordial, blueberry pie and warm plums with touches of licorice, violets, cigar box and allspice. Medium to full-bodied, it fills the mouth with energetic fruit plus a firm, velvety frame and oodles of freshness, finishing on a lingering mineral note.”

96 Points Anthony Galloni:  “The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon Oakville Ranch Vineyard is dense, powerful and voluptuous in the glass. Even with all of its abundant richness, the 2016 is rather shy at this stage, perhaps because of its relatively recent bottling. Inky blue and purplish berry fruit, licorice, menthol, plum and lavender open up nicely over time, as the 2016 starts to show some of its more gracious, understated style. There is so much to admire in the 2016, but it will be a few years before all of the elements are fully melded together. The 2016 is 83% Cabernet Sauvignon and 17% Cabernet Franc.”

96 Points Jeb Dunnuck: “The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon (there’s 17% Cabernet Franc in the blend) was brought up in 42% new French oak. It offers a sensational bouquet of blackberries, black raspberries, cassis, graphite, and toasted spice, with some savory tobacco and herbal notes with time in the glass. It’s deep, full-bodied and layered, with sweet yet present tannins. Drink this concentrated, sexy Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon any time over the coming 15-20 years.”

Winemaker Notes: “Gallica is located on our family property in St. Helena. The deep and low fertility Cortina soils are renowned for exceptional quality red wines. Planted in 1990, these fully mature Cabernet Sauvignon vines produce wines which are elegant and harken back to the structure of Napa Valley red wines notable decades ago. The 2016 vintage is not to be missed . The entry is long and graceful nuanced by rose petal, cardamom , dried mandarin peel, the tannins are silky and inviting. Cabernet from this site is always energetic and mouthwatering.”

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