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I would never condone stealing, except when it comes to this Pickpocket from our Sans Liege friends. All joking aside, Sans Liege has made a name for itself as one of the best Rhone Varietal producers in the state, and this latest release might be one of the best ones yet-to-date.

Sans Liege 2015 “Pickpocket” Templeton Gap, Paso Robles
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The 2015 Pickpocket (100% Grenache) was sourced from the Alta Colina & Derby vineyards. As the light is stripped softly from the bookcases, heavy curtains and sullen marble floors of this country manor, your host is likely to pour you a nightcap from some inky carafe. You are met with a rich perfume of brandied cherry Ceylon tea, fresh plum, nutmeg shard and black chocolate. A final cup of fine ground coffee is served. The sunken glass of the windows waxes to obsidian, and a prick begins worming in your mind: this place has magic. The sense comes quickly and carries with it a taste of old growth forest, burnt cinnamon, tiny sweet strawberries, creek fresh mint and fog. Now in comfortable repose in your room, you notice the creep of long shadows. It is a hours till dawn, and the sheets will make a poor shield from the darkness to come. This wine has great aging potential. I would advise to decant this wine a good two hours before consumption and serve slightly below room temperature.

Only 8 barrels (200 cases were produced), so this will be gone in no time.

Winemaker Notes: “It’s been hours since another soul has entered the room. You take a deep breath and notice once again the comforting scents of clove, ceylon tea, birch beer and cherry coulis with cocoa. As you prepare to depart, the library door groans open. A figure appears, looking suspicious with an old leather bound book tucked protectively under his arm. In his haste, he doesn’t notice the pressed sprig of lavender that falls to the floor. With an anxious glance over his shoulder he slips behind a shelf of books and disappears.”

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