NEWS FLASH: Wine Pirates invade the Napa Valley!

Not fake, you read it right – Pirates have invaded the Napa Valley.  Although only a small section of Napa was captured, I am happy to report that Heidi Barrett fought them and was able to fight off the savage invaders.  But it was here that she created the idea of making a “Pirate” style wine, or in English “out-of-the-box”…

Heidi Barrett does not need any intro, but for those who do not know her – she is “Lady” Napa Valley, even better the “Queen” of the Valley! Heidi just released two new wines from her La Sirena portfolio; 2014 Pirate (her multi varietal  Cabernet based blend) and a stunning (bone dry) 2016 Moscato Azul (a wine for ABC fans  – “Anything But Chardonnay” lovers).

The true treasure of the seven seas – Pirate TreasuRed.  A hearty blend of seven varieties with full ripeness and big flavors from the stellar 2014 weather. The aromatics show layers of fruit; berry, cherry, plum, black raspberry, and pomegranate with smoky, spicy, meaty tones as well, complimented by sweet caramel, vanilla, toasty French oak. It’s a mouth coating yet silky structural wine with flavors that mirror the aromas. This is a big lush red that’s fun and delicious while also being quite versatile and age worthy to boot. Drink up all ye pirates!

La Sirena 2014 Pirate TreasurRed, Napa Valley
Retail 70.00 – GGWC 67.99
Use code PIRATE upon check out

The 2014 Pirate offers up a deep black-ruby colored wine with intense aromatics of sweet ripe fruit layered with toasty vanilla nuances, and hints of caramel. Layers of flavor coat the palate with broad appeal, wonderful cherry texture and seamless tannins. Bold, intense fruit flavors of dense blue and black berries are laced with a touch of chocolate and spice, and a whiff of vanilla. These flavors persist a long time in a lengthy and powerful finish. A great example of the magic of Heidi Barrett’s art of blending!

Suggested pairings: BBQ ribs, pulled pork, jerk chicken, wood-fired pizza, hearty red sauce, brisket, gourmet burgers, chorizo/spicy sausage, and many others – quite a versatile wine.

Make sure to  check out Heidi’s other excellent new release:
La Sirena 2016 Moscato Azul (BONE DRY)

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