Cork vs Cap

It seems like almost every day another winery switches from using cork to using screw caps to seal their bottles. Advocates of screw caps tout benefits such as protection from oxidization, elimination of cork rot, or the rare but dreaded “corked” flavor that can sometimes ruin a bottle you have been saving for that special occasion. At the same time, wine purists cringe at the thought of something so base and undignified as a metal screw cap being placed on a fine collectible or fine vintage, not to mention the idea that it takes a cork to properly age a wine in the bottle.

WineSpectator recently interviewed Domaine Laroche winemaker Grégory Viennois regarding their recent decision to switch back to cork closures after nearly ten years of sealing their Chablis with a screw cap. It is an interesting take on a long-standing debate that you can view here. (opens in new window.)

Cork vs Screwcap