ZINFANDEL blind tasting winner

Our tasting group of 16 brought out some big hitters and I had a surprise winner.

The lineup:

  • Biale “Aldo” 95+ Parker
  • Hartford “Highwire” 95 Parker
  • Epoch 94 Parker
  • Dehlinger 93 WS
  • Biale “Old Crane”  94 Parker
  • Outpost 92 Parker
  • Martinelli “Jackass” 94 Parker
  • Turley “Hayne” 94 Parker
  • Turley “Tofanelli” 93 WS
  • Carlisle “Montafi” 95 Parker
  • Saxum “Paderewski” 94 WS
  • Saxon Brown “Parmalee-Stonewall”

The winner SAXON-BROWN!

Saxon-Brown received 8 First Place & 4 Second Place votes, Biale “Aldo” 4 First Place & 6 Second Place votes, Carlisle “Montafi” 3 First Place & 2 Second Place votes, Saxum “Paderewski” 1 First Place & 1 Second place vote.

Saxon Brown 2009 “Parmalee Hill – Stonewall Block” Sonoma Valley
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This magnificent wine has an amazing entry of juicy, bright fruit.  On the palate this well-structured wine is extremely balanced and polished.  Tons of silky black stone fruit, black chocolate jump out of the glass on the nose and resonates through the full-bodied black fruit driven mid-palate into a long finish where we encountered a touch of earthiness and bright anise that were nicely synced.   The finish was long and intense with modest tannins. This is a wine that will give some Cabernets a run for its money and will pair well with some bold foods! A MUST HAVE!

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