Small producer slams big name 100 point wines!

Patland WinesIn a recent blind tasting of 2008 Cabernets and 2007 Syrahs, Patland vineyards beat out some big name wineries, including some 100 Point wines!

In the Syrah tasting the lineup included: Alban Reva (100 Points, $150.00), Guigal Cote Rotie La Landonne (97+ Points $350.00!!), Alban Lorraine (96 Points), ,  Betz Family La Cote Rousse, Araujo Eisele Vineyard, Carlisle James Berry Vineyard (96 Points), Paul Hobbs “Kick Ranch” (95 Points) Caysue Cailloux (97 Points), Colgin IX Estate (95 Points $250.00)

The winner: PATLAND 2007 Syrah  Stagecoach Napa Valley

In the Cabernet tasting the lineup included: Chappellet Pritchard Hill, Larkmead (95 Points), Dunn Howell Mountain (98+ Points), Anderson Conn Valley Reserve (98 Points), David Arthur 1147 (95 Points $150.00), Au Sommet (94 Points $250.00), Lewelling (96 Points), Bevan Cellars David’s Cuvee (95 Points, $150.00), Constant (95 + Points), Paul Hobbs Dr. Crane (96 Points $175.00), Hunderd Acre Kayli (96 Points) and Dana Estate (96 Points $350.00)

The winner: PATLAND 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Stagecoach, Napa Valley

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