Bryant Family winemaker shines again!

When your vineyard is farmed by David Abreu and your wine is made by the Bryant Family winemaker (Helen Keplinger) one can only expect the best-of-the-best.  For those of you who purchased the 2007 vintage (and loved it – I know some of you bought as many as 5 cases of this wine last year) will be glad to hear that the 2008 is an even better wine!  Again, the production is very small but the wine is stunning!

Scully 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Mt. Veeder Napa Valley
Retail 55.00 – GGWC 49.99

This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, sourced from the Scully’s vineyard high-up on Mt. Veeder offers intense aromatics of bright strawberries and anise.  On the palate this bold wine offers a silk mouth feel that is rich and complex.  One encounters dark stone fruit that is nicely balanced with a touch of vanilla and whiff of spiciness that carries on through the long lasting finish.  This is a gem-in-a-bottle!

The world is (not) ending… But it IS selling out fast!

Jonathan Maltus Jonathan Maltus created his second pool of new wines from some amazing vineyards in the Napa Valley. The entire production of his previous World’s End offerings entirely sold out within a matter of months! (I have a small handful reserved if you are quick to give me a call) That is a strong testament to the quality of these wines and this production is sure to go quickly as well. Not withstanding the high demand, these wines are still very price friendly! Jonathan produces wines on three continents (Europe, Australia and North America), emphasizing on small lots (high quality). French wine making with a California “twist.”

Worlds End 2009 "Little Sister" MerlotWorld’s End 2009 “Little Sister” Merlot – Coombsville Vineyard
Coombsville Napa Valley
Retail 45.99 – GGWC 39.99

This wine is a blend of 85% Merlot and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from the great Coombsville vineyard (close to Caldwell).  The wine is made in typical Maltus (French) style.   On the nose one encounters ripe plums, black cherries, vanilla and a touch of spice.  Rich, full in body and loaded with red stone fruit.  The wine is elegant and very well-balanced with soft, silky tannins rounding out this great wine.  Long lasting finish.

World's End 2009 "If Six was Nine" Cabernet SauvignonWorld’s End 2009 “If Six was Nine” Cabernet Sauvignon
Coombsville & Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards Napa Valley.
Retail 45.99 – GGWC 39.99

The fruit source for this wine is the base for many Napa Valley CULT wines, so at 39.99 you are in for a “steal”

Succulent black fruit jumps out of the glass on impact.   On the palate I encountered black currants, black cherries, exotic spices and a touch of toasty vanilla.  Full in body this youngster is a young bull .  Well-structured with a firm backbone, yet very elegant and smooth on the palate.  The wine finishes with long lingering  silky tannins.

As I mentioned earlier, I have just a few remaining bottles of the previous, sold-out World’s End release. Call me for availability or visit my website to place an order.

World’s End “Good Times, Bad Times” Cabernet Sauvignon
To Kalon Vineyard Oakville, Napa Valley

World’s End “Crossfire” Cabernet Sauvignon
Missouri Hopper Vineyard, Oakville Napa Valley (another Beckstoffer owned vineyard)

World’s End “Wavelength” Proprietary Red (Cab Franc/Syrah)
Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard, Oakville Napa

White Burgundy with a California twist.


At McIntyre, they believe in sustainable farming, low yield and high-quality/price ratio. With Byron Kosuge (B. Kosuge winery) on board they created a real gem. Sadly only 100 cases of this unbeatable wine were produced!

McIntyre 2009 ChardonnayMcIntyre 2009 Chardonnay Block K-1 Santa Lucia Highlands
Retail 40.00 – GGWC 36.00

Winemaker Byron Kosuge (B. Kosuge winery) produced an exquisite 100 cases of Chardonnay. The wine exhibits a golden hue along with a lavish nose of walnuts, apricots and peaches.  It is full in body with a touch of crisp minerality, restrained with superb richness and elegance. This is a “fan” favorite for those that like DuMol, Kongsgaard, Diatom at a lower price!  This wine should drink well for 5-6 years.

“First Growth” from the Napa Valley dazzles the crowd

I enjoyed tasting with Steve Matthiasson the other day at 10 A.M. That really is the best time to get your palate going! Steve is a “real” guy, jovial, down-to-earth farmer/winemaker. He has been consulting for Spottswoode, Araujo and Chappellett vineyards for years (which is very noteworthy). Steve’s own vineyard has been the source for many great wineries, and I would put his own label next to many big names anytime!

Matthiason 2007 Red Matthiasson 2007 Proprietary Red Blend, Napa Valley
Retail 76.00 – GGWC 69.99
BUY SIX or MORE $65.00 FREE SHIPPING on a FULL CASE (8 bottles will get you free shipping* as well)

The 2007 vintage is a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and (1%) Petit Verdot. Only 280 cases were produced of this little gem. On the nose, one is greeted by freshness – intense aromas of black and red cherries, a hint of mint, dark chocolate and ripe black berries. On the palate this lush, full-bodied (yet VERY elegant) youngster is loaded with dark chocolate, ripe cane berries and finishes with lots of intensity and finesse. The silky tannins are fine-grained. This is a well-made wine that is not heavy on the palate and I would say it is his best effort yet to date.

Matthiasson 2010 White Matthiasson 2010 Proprietary White Blend
Retail 37.00 – GGWC  33.00,  BUY SIX or MORE $29.99
(Mix and Match for FREE SHIPPING offer)

The 2010 White is a blend of primarily Sauvignon Blanc (59%), Ribolla Gialla (20%), Semillon (14%) and Tocai Friulano (7%). This might be one of the most exceptional wines I have ever tasted. These (local Napa grapes) all originate in awesome regions of Italy and France (Friuli and Bordeaux). This wine is all about aromatics – The S.B. offers fresh acidity (with a hint of citrus) as well as a touch of tropical fruit. The Ribolla Gialla (remember Arbe Garbe – same vineyard FYI) brings some seashell minerality and a touch of nuttiness as well as structure. The Semillon is “Mister Viscous” as well as hints of figs and beeswax that add weight and gravity.  The Tocai adds a touch of spiciness. The wine was aged for 8 months in barrel (fermented dry).  Medium to full in body, this might be the ideal end-of-summer (I am thinking Thanksgiving and end-of-the-year holidays) wine! At 12.5% alcohol, I know we are going to make a lot of happy people here!

Robert Foley 95+ Point Wines Just Arrived

Robert Foley Vineyards

Robert Foley has been around the block a few times, so to speak. With wines like Hourglass, Robert Foley, Paloma, and so on, one can only expect the best of the best from this winery.  The 2009 vintage just arrived and I can say that this blows 2008 out of the sky! This vintage rivals his best wines to date (2007 and 2008 vintage).  The quantities are limited, so you know the drill!

Robert Foley 2009 MerlotRobert Foley 2009 Merlot, Napa Valley
Retail 60.00 – GGWC $53.99

Not a wine for wimps! This is a big, burly red! I would say it’s a Merlot on steroids, but these days one should not joke about that – so it is a Merlot for Cab lovers! The wine explodes right from the start. Its color reminds me more of Petite Sirah. On the nose one is greeted with intense aromas of black stone fruit and coffee. On the palate, this lush, big and bold wine is loaded with more black stone fruit, chocolate and coffee notes that are well-framed and offer of viscous mouth-feel. This 100% Merlot is a blend of Robert Foley’s Howell Mountain vineyard and a select (warmer) valley floor vineyard that provide harmony, balance and very well rounded mid palate. The tannins are silky, but don’t take this for granted. This is a wine that will age nicely

Robert Foley 2009 "The Griffin" Proprietary RedRobert Foley 2009 “The Griffin” Proprietary Red, Napa Valley
Retail 40.00 – GGWC 36.50

This is what Bob calls his economic challenged wine! Those who purchased the 2008 vintage will be greeted by an even more intense wine with this 2009 release.  This Proprietary Red is a blend of 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% of what Bob calls “blockbuster ripe and round” Merlot.  A pleasure from nose to finish, it has a very aromatic nose, followed by a lush mouthfeel and a medium to full bodied palate.  Stunning blend, lush, intense and I would challenge wines like Prisoner as I know it will blow it away in an instant!

Limited allocation – 97 Point Chronicle Pinot Noir

Ted LemonA new Chapter has begun in the life of the Chronicle winery. This winery was put on the map under the great tutelage of Ace Winemaker Ted Lemon (Littorai) and has turned many heads since its inception in 2006. Having created a great following, these much sought after wines are in high demand. There is a very small allocation remaining and you dont want to miss this one!

I am proud to introduce the 2009 vintage from two designated vineyards – Cerise and Savoy. Both vineyards have an amazing amount of pedigree and many wineries have received great acclaim from these sites. In a recent blind tasting (30 tasters) both Chronicle Pinot Noirs beat out big names such as Domaine Leroy, Williams Selyem, Rochiolli, Kosta Browne, Aubert, Auteur, Foxen, Martinelli, Spell and Talley! And that is saying a lot!!

2009 Chronicle Savoy Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
Retail 60.00 – GGWC 54.99

Pinot Noir This vineyard is one of most recognized sources for Pinot Noir in the state of California!  The vineyard is 20 years out, so good maturity here!  A blend of 3 blocks (Pommard, 777 and Martini 15) – all bring amazing components to this wine.  At only 88 cases, I can tell you that this wine will be sold in a few hours as I was only allotted 15 cases of this gem!

I would call this a Grand-Cru new world wine, as it tastes and smells like one!  The alcohol levels are Burgundian too!  On the nose one is greeted by cherry and strawberry fruit with a touch of minerality and a whiff of game.  On the palate one encounters gorgeous well-balanced fruit, medium to full bodied flavors of red stone fruit that are expansive on the mid to end palate.  The finish is intense and long – it does not want to end!  LIMITED.

2009 Chronicle Cerise Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley
Retail 60.00 – GGWC 54.99

This is another well recognized vineyard source. Those who bought the previous Chronicle Cerise bottlings do not need an intro – this wine rocks!  This is a sexy wine.  The wine’s aromas jump out of the glass, the body is stunning, the legs are long – you see where I am going… no I am not.  Stay focused, the wine is gorgeous, well-crafted, a real winner!  The nose offers hints of dark cherries and plum.  On the palate this wine offers seductive (here we go again) flavors of black cherries and strawberries that are intertwined with a touch of minerality.  This youngster is elegant and intense without being overbearing.  The finish is long , complex and equally stunning as the rest of its  package.  Only 132 cases produced!

Stunning Oakville Cabernet

This is one of the gems out of Frank’s drawer!  Only 100 cases were produced of this Cabernet, which was sourced from well-known Chef Narsai David’s vineyard in Oakville.  100% Cabernet Sauvignon, 110% Quality, 120% Value!

J. Moss 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville J. Moss 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, Oakville Napa Valley
This wine has an amazing hue, which is densely concentrated.  On the nose one is greeted by black currant, chocolate and a whiff of anise.  On the the palate, this full-bodied rock star does not miss a beat either.  Layers of sweet black berry and some more chocolate rise up with a hint of truffle and minerality at the back of your mouth.  The finish is long and dramatic with silky tannins singing a final tune.