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~ THE FRENCH PARADOX ~ Wine may prevent Alzheimer’s disease From the  It comes in many forms – red, white, sweet, sour, aged, fresh. Who doesn’t like to recline with a glass of wine after a hard day? Humans have been brewing and drinking alcohol for thousands of years, and you don’t cultivate a relationship […]

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15 Real Facts about Wine & Health

15 Real Facts about Wine & Health Contributor: W. Blake Gray, Palate Press Though both are now wine writers, Dr. Michael Apstein and Dr. Ian D’Agata met while working in a Boston hospital as gastroenterologists. (That’s the kind of doctor who puts a camera up your butthole.) Earlier this month, they held a seminar in Canada on […]

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It’s Official: Red wine heals broken hearts!

Everyone knows that red wine is a key component of any romantic evening, and a glass of fine wine can sooth even the greatest heartbreak. But who could have guessed that it can play a role in healing physical damage to the human heart as well? The Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine published an […]

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