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A Chardonnay that Rocks

Situated in a small valley in the southern foothills of the Stag’s Leap Range, the estate began producing wine in the 1870’s. The Vandendriessche family has continued in the tradition of natural sustainable farming since 1977. Volcanic ash soils, hillside vines, cooler climate, and hand crafting on the land as well as in the caves […]

Top Secret Cabernet Stuns!

Passenger is the project from wine broker Kimberly Jones and the “other” Passenger Master Sommelier Chris Blanchard (FYI only 148 of them on planet earth). This is one of my favorite “secret” wines. You’d ask – Why the secrecy?  The vineyard sources are designates for many high-end wines and they like to keep their price […]

Got Malk? Napa’s best Cab of 2012

Winemaker Robbie Meyer (L’Angevin, Pierson Meyer) has crafted yet another amazing wine from Malk’s Griffin Vineyard in Stag’s Leap. The 2009 Vintage of the Malk Estate property is by far the best wine from this estate  —  I would say it even better than the great 2007 vintage! Malk 2009 Estate Cabernet  Sauvignon, Stag’s Leap […]

Milange, the next “collectible” – Frank’s own wine label

I don’t want to be partial to my own label, but I am proud!  Milange is named after my daughters (MILayna and ANGElina).  It has been in the works for some years now, and now it is finally here! Our inaugural release of 100 cases was poured at our New York wine event last week […]

Eagle’s Neighbor does it again!

My friends from Textbook have been producing stunning wines at a palatable price point for years now! These latest releases might be there best ever!  As always limited productions across the board.  This release is even more special with the addition of a 100 case production Stag’s Leap bottling (the fruit from this source fetches […]

Malk 2008 Cabernet blows away the big names in a blind tasting!

For those who bought the 2007 vintage I can tell you that you will be happily surprised by this latest release. Unfortunately this year’s production is much smaller (only 200 cases produced), but it is just as good. We recently lined up 10 big Napa Valley (expensive and highly rated) Cabernets and the result was […]

Passenger Cabernet – the next Harlan!

The Passenger Pigeon was once the most prolific bird in the United States with numbers in the billions.  Migrating flocks a mile wide would turn the skies black and colonies could have 100 nests in a single tree. However, in the late 1800′s, the species dwindled in numbers until 1914, when the last known pigeon […]