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What is a Microclimate?

Microclimate is a word English teachers love: the definition is self-explanatory. But while it seems easy to understand, the wine jargon that often accompanies wine tastings and tours makes microclimates seem complex and confusing. In truth, microclimates are easy to see and even easier to feel. Unlike “malolactic fermentation” and other mysteries of winemaking, microclimates […]

MidWeek Wine Special!

  The Rosella vineyard is on of the most sought after vineyard sources for great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Nestled in the benchland of Monterey’s Santa Lucia Highlands, Rosella’s Vineyard was planted in 1996 by Gary Franscioni one of the appellation’s pioneering growers (from Garys’ fame – he also owns the Garys’ vineyard with Gary […]

Chardonnay of the Week

  Roar Winery is the brain child of the “other” Gary – Gary Franscioni and his wife Rosella.  Gary who also owns the GARYS’ vineyard with Gary Pisoni, planted various vineyards in 1996 (Sierra Mar, Rosella, Soberanos and Garys’).  The Franscioni family sells over 80% of its fruit to various wineries, retaining only a small amount […]

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100 case Chardonnay Sensation with a Pisoni twist

Camino Winery is a project from Tadeo Borchardt (who has followed a circuitous road (a “camino”) towards pursuing his love of wine. For the past decade, as winemaker at Neyers Vineyards, he has been making wines of distinction and wide acclaim. He just released the second vintage of his own personal label, beginning with two […]

Under $50 blind tasting winner beats big guns

In our Pinot Noir contest a surprise winner rose from the ashes.  Our group of 15 tasters lined up some amazing Pinot Noirs: Brewer Clifton “Hapgood” (96 Parker) Aubert UV (96 Parker) Dierberg “Drumm Canyon” (94 Parker) Chat. Boswell “Eloise”(94 Parker) Foxen “Block 8” (95 Parker) Bacio Divino “Bacigalupi” (94 Parker) Paul Lato “Kokoro” (94 Parker) […]

A Garys’ Pinot Noir for the ages, includes FREE SHIPPING!

The vineyard is collaboration between the two Garys, Gary Pisoni and Gary Franscioni thus the Garys’ vineyard.  Gary Franscioni has deep roots in the valley, going back 100 years.  After he studies at Cal Poly he took over the family farming business and swiftly turned it into a vineyard project.  He owns the famed Rosella […]

Astounding Summer Wine

When your uncle is Chuck Wagner (Caymus), you are expected to make wine – period. Derek and his brother Kurt Beitler did just that. They each created their own wineries and are making the wine at the Caymus facility. Both have day jobs managing the Caymus (and other) vineyards.  Bodega Rancho produces two Syrahs and one […]

83 case production “Rosella” Pinot Noir wins blind tasting

It was Pinot Days at Frank’s house, and we pulled out some big guns. The lineup included Siduri “Sierra Mar” (95 Galloni) Capiaux “Widdoes” (94 Galloni) Dom Drouhin “Louise” (93 WA) Big Basin Coastview (93 WA) Talley Rincon (93 WA) Paul Lato Suerte (94+ WA) Foxen “Block 8” (94 Galloni) Brewer Clifton “Mount Carmel (94 […]

Small Chardonnay producer beats big boys in blind tasting

In one of our last blind tastings of the year, we lined up some amazing Chardonnays. Talley “Rosemary” (96 Parker) Flowers “Moon” (94 WS) Peter Michael “Point Rouge” (94 Parker) Tor (94 WS) Kistler “Vine Hill” (93 Parker) Auteur “Durrell” (93 AG) Littorai “Mays Canyon” (95 WS) Mount Eden (94 WS) Kosta Browne (93 WS) […]

The most important person in your office…

Whether you call this person an Administrative Professional, Office Manager, or Reception Specialist, chances are that your job would be a heck of a lot harder without them. Way back in 1952, Secretary’s Day was set aside “to recognize the secretary, upon whose skills, loyalty, and efficiency the functions of business and government depend.” The […]