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The BEST Sauvignon Blanc in California

  Last week my tasting group conducted our first “blind” Sauvignon Blanc tasting in a long time. The lineup included: Arkenstone “Estate” (95 Pt) Paul Lato (94 Pt) Merry Edwards (93 Pt) Vineyard 29 (95 Pt) Crocker & Starr (93 Pt) Lieu Dit (93 Pt) Peter Michael (94 Pt) Bevan (94 Pt) Morlet (93 Pt) […]

5 Barrel 96 Point Rated Pinot

Justin Wilett started out as an assistant winemaker and worked his way up owning his own label, which he created in 2005 producing 190 cases.  His meticulous attention to detail has elevated him to “Must Have” status among many Chardonnay and Pinot Noir lovers.  Working with some of the best vineyards in the Santa Rita […]