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  Back in 1995 Russell and Victoria were dating and their favorite game was “guess the wine”.  After that they started taking regular trips to California’s wine country meeting some of the best winemakers.  Soon they were searching for property in California. It was Kal Showket (Heidi Barrett was his winemaker) who helped develop their […]

Blind Tasting Surprise Winner

In a recent blind tasting of 2013 Pinot Noirs, Attune beat out some big boys (and girls).  Our tasting group consisted out 15 wine professionals, and we meticulously (blind) tasted all wines twice. The line-up included: Chanin (94 Parker) Dierberg “Drumm Canyon” (94 Parker) Argot (93+ Parker) Berardus “Pisoni” (94 Parker) Roar “Pisoni” (94 Galloni) Foxen “Block […]

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94 Point Rated “Budget” Pinot Noir

  Nestled on a sunny coastal ridge, overlooking the Pacific Ocean a mile below, the “True Sonoma Coast” vineyard is one of the closest, if not the closest, to the ocean in all of California. From the vineyard you can see the breaking surf and the misty silhouettes of Bodega Head and Pt. Reyes far […]

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87 Case Pinot Envy

  Three Siblings (Robert RO, Michael MI and LILLY) make up ROMILILLY.  Producing wine from great vineyards is their motto. And the 2013 Vanderkamp was sourced from this amazing vineyard at 1400 feet elevation on the Sonoma Mountains.  The vineyard was originally planted for Sparkling Wine, but its history goes back centuries.  The Miwoks dub this […]

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Helen Keplinger’s MUST HAVE Pinot

Boris Guillome is a 20 year wine industry veteran, having worked in some of California’s best restaurants and wine stores. In 2013, he decided that his next challenge would be in creating his own label, so he hired Helen Keplinger as his winemaker and set out to find exceptional sites and the best fruit possible. […]

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95 Point/4 Barrel Pinot Sensation

Waits Mast is a husband and wife Pinot Noir venture that started in 2000 when two Pinotphiles decided to start their own venture. Under the guidance of their consulting winemaker Shalini Shehkar (Roar, William Selyem)  and the staff at Roar they started production of their own label, and the rest as they say…. is history. Waits […]


Steve Rasmussen, the longtime winemaker at Talley Vineyards in Arroyo Grande (Santa Barbara), has been a big fan and friend of the band Foghat for years when they decided to launch their own label “Foghat Cellars”.  Foghat drummer and founder Roger Earl and his wife Linda play an active day to day role in the winery as well, […]

Blind Tasting Winner beats 97 Point Rated Wines!

Our tasting group lined up 10 of what I think are some of the best Pinot Noirs from the 2013 vintage. They included: Occidental (96 Pt Galloni) Brewer-Clifton “Hapgood” (96 Parker) LaRue “Rice Spivak” (95 Galloni) Foxen “Solomon Hills” (95 Parker) Paul Lato “Solomon Hills – Suerte” (97 Parker) Aubert CIX (95+ Parker) Peter Michael […]

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Carter Cellars’ Pinot Noir turns heads!

Ancillary is owned by Marc Carter of Carter Cellars 100 point Cabernet fame!  But since Carter has become synonymous with Cabernet, it was only fitting to call his Pinot Noir project “Anciallary”.  The wines are made by Mike Smith who started his winemaking career under the direction of the talented Thomas Brown at Schrader Cellars in […]

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Screaming Eagle winemaker’s “Dad” Pinot Noir

It would take me a book to tell you the all about this legendary winemaker, but the short version is that Dr. Richard (Dick) Peterson is Heidi Peterson-Barrett’s father.  So the lineage should say enough.Make sure to watch this video on Dick Peterson - and read up on Dick’s 50 years in the wine industry - (click or paste […]