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Coho has gained a reputation as a great quality winery and many of you will agree that the past decade has been a great run for the “upstream” guys!  Coho wines generally  fall in “Frank’s Palatable Price Point Range” of $30 – $70 and consistently display excellent taste and quality. 2011 showcases a “Separating the […]

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Remarkable Inaugural 3 barrel (70 cases) Napa Red Blend

Two wine industry friends got together they decided to make some great quality wines that would not break the bank. Due to the fact that they don’t have a “middle-man” we are able to offer you their wines at a price well-below where it should be. So don’t want too long to jump on this […]

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Killer Napa Cab 25% OFF ~ Made by Aaron Pott – Vineyard Managed by Jim Barbour

Adler Deutsch 2011 Cabernet “Estate” St. Helena, Napa Retail 92.00 – GGWC 69.99 FREE SHIPPING on SIX or more Use discount code ADV11CS upon checkout The Story: Adler Deutsch Vineyard is located on the edge of the acclaimed West Rutherford Bench. Its soils are composed of Bale loam, rounded gravel and cobbled stones, providing good water drainage. This 2.17 […]

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Philippe Melka’s latest Cabernet-vaganza

When you have two of the best people in industry at the helm, you can only expect the best of the best.  Philippe Melka (winemaker) and Jim Barbour (vineyard manager extraordinaire) have turned the old Long Vineyards (remember this great vineyard site from days past?) into a top notch producer.  Gandona is rooted in tradition […]

100 Point winemaker produces stunning under $60.00 Napa Cab

When you have one of the BEST winemakers in Napa (Mike Smith – known for his skills at Schrader, Maybach, Outpost, Rivers Marie, Carter, Myriad, etc.) at the helm, you can only wind up with a top-notch wine, and I can tell you this is a TOP NOTCH wine!  This wine, named after the winery […]

Winemaker of the Year’s stunning Chardonnay

Bello is the story of a young boy with a dream, he wanted to be a champion.  He became very successful with his residential construction business, but that was not enough.  In 2000 he purchased a prime property in the Rutherford Bench district of Napa and began construction of this amazing site.  He hired David […]

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Best domestic Rhone blend of the year

The Alta Colina folks have been kicking up a lot of dust as of late, and this latest release is yet another example of their attention to detail winemaking skills.  The 2010 GSM is a blend of 45% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre and 25% Syrah from their Estate property. Alta Colina 2010 GSM Retail 44.00 – […]

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100 Point winemaker’s Scarlett Story

Although it is probably already in the forefront of your mind, I want to express my heartfelt condolences to all of those who are suffering as a result of Hurricane Sandy. I have spoken with several friends from New York and other areas, some of whom have lost literally everything. The devastation on the east […]

Cultivar 2009 Cabernet Franc, Napa – 30% OFF

Sommelier turned winemaker Dan O’Brien and Julien Fayard (Winemaker at Azur and Atelier Philippe Melka) crafted this fun 161 case Cabernet Franc production from a stunning vineyard source in Oakville! Cultivar 2009 Cabernet Franc, Oakville Napa Valley Retail 53.00 – GGWC SPECIAL 37.50 on six or more (FREE SHIPPING on 12) Use discount code “CULTIVAR09CF” […]

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Best White of 2012!

How do I pronounce Picayune? {pi-ka-’yun} What does Picayune mean? Picayune was a Spanish coin worth half of the value of a “Real” {re-al} How does that relate to the wine? When buying Picayune, you are buying prestigious wine at half price. Altogether, this is a venture of high quality at even better prices! Picayune […]