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95 Point Rated Napa Cabernet

Frank Altamura’s lifelong pursuit as a winemaker is fueled by his passion for viticulture. Born and raised in Napa Valley, Frank began working with his cousin, a vineyard manager, right out of  high school and knew that this would be his life’s calling.  Formal viticultural training began at Sterling Vineyards in 1976 where he began to […]

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Hump Day ~ Blind Tasting Cab Winner!

It seems like mid-week wine should be less good compared to Friday or Saturday night dinners?  WRONG!  I am a strong believer of my own motto: “Always Drink Good Wine”™ –  So why not drink a good Cabernet with Wednesday Pizza or leftovers? That said, our  blind tasting Cabernet might just be that “new-found-hump-day-wine”My tasting […]


Paloma has become synonymous with Merlot for Cabernet Lovers.  Like some of its First Growth French counterparts, Paloma’s Merlot could be called a proprietary red blend as it is a blend of 85% Merlot & 15% Cabernet.  This is not a wine for whiners. This is big burly (yet elegant) wine!  A wine for lovers of intensity, full-bodied […]

Scarecrow Winemaker’s MUST HAVE 2012 CABERNET

What do you call it when a Hollywood actor/director wants to make wine? Hollywood & Vine!  That is the story of Doug Barr, who starred in series like Designing Women, The Fall Guy, Two on the Town, etc.  He also produced The Wizard, The Hit, Fathom, Temptation, Perfect Cover and many other well received scripts.  The multi-talented […]

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Lewis Winemaker’s hot new Napa Cabernet

Mark Grassi grew up in Northern California in Walnut Creek. Fond of wilder places, he moved to Napa Valley in 1980. He was torn between working in the wine industry and in construction, and first chose the latter. All the while, Mark kept taking viticulture and enology classes at Napa Valley College and refining his palate. […]

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4 Barrel Napa Cab Gem

Milange is my own label, so I am of course very partial to the wine.  Milange is named after my two daughters, MIL(ayna) and ANGE(lina).  Our award winning winemaker sourced fruit from two of Napa Valley’s most famous contiguous vineyard sites and the resulting wine is flat out amazing. We introduced the 2013 Milange Cabernet at our […]

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Wine = Rocket Science

John Caldwell grew up in Napa into a family that ran a shoe business. John eventually turned the one business into many more.  Living in Napa, making money he purchased 54 acres of land and had plans to develop some homes.  Unfortunately that backfired and now he was “stuck” with 54 acres of dirt.  He had […]

Under $50 Rock Star Napa Cabernet Blend

Scott Peterson (S.P. – Drummer) is a seasoned winemaker with a portfolio stretching almost 30 years making wine at an array of great wineries like Cardinale, Textbook, Pey-Marin, Mt. Eden, Anderson Conn Valley and others.  Scott is a big fan of Bordeaux-style blended wines, thus his blends have always been Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & […]

Exquisite under $50 Napa Cab

Corey Beck grew up in the Napa Valley in and around the vineyards his grandfather planted at Chateau Montelena.  He started his winemaking career under Scott McLeod at Rubicon (Francis Ford Copolla).  His own Cabernet Sauvignon is an amazing wine sourced from one of the most sought after vineyards in the Napa Valley nearby the Hourglass, 3 Palms […]

Coho’s Magnificent 2012 releases

Sumitvine We introduced the 2012 vintage of Coho during our 10th Anniversary Event in New York City.  As it was the case with previous vintages Coho wowed the crowd.  The 2012 vintage does not need any intro, just that it is very good!  We are also proud to add a new bottling and winemaker to the Coho lineup.  Chappellett […]