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Musings On Grenache

Musings on Grenache Contributed by David Morrison The Wine Gourd I have always thought that one of the most intriguing grapes is the one usually known as Grenache. This is because you can make such a wide variety of styles and make them all well — everything from strong and tannic (eg. in Priorat), through herbal […]

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Paul Lato 2016 Rhone Releases!

Dear Friends, Paul Lato hardly needs an introduction. His wines have raised the bar among many California wines for over 10 years now and each release continues to impress. We received 5 cases each of his 2016 “Rhone” releases, IL Padrino Syrah, Cinematique Syrah and Ora Labore Grenache. For those who need to restock his […]

Get this wine for a steal & I give you FREE SHIPPING!

I would never condone stealing, except when it comes to this Pickpocket from our Sans Liege friends. All joking aside, Sans Liege has made a name for itself as one of the best Rhone Varietal producers in the state, and this latest release might be one of the best ones yet-to-date. Sans Liege 2015 “Pickpocket” […]

4 Barrel, 95 Point Red Gem

Giovanni Grandinetti worked his way up the wine ladder, learning the wine trade literally from the ground up.  He operated the crushpad, worked the vineyards, cleaned the barrels, etc.  But it was not until he started working for some smaller, boutique wineries that he found his passion – making wine.  He went back to school […]

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And here comes the “Gedi” with FREE SHIPPING

  Owner and Winemaker Curt Schalchlin has been producing high quality Rhone varietals for years now.  Curt worked for some of the best winemakers in industry and went solo about over a decade ago, and with a very strong showing in his Sans Liege productions, and the rest as they say is history.  His latest […]


    Paul Lato hardly needs an introduction. His wines have raised the bar among Napa wines for several decades now and each release continues to impress. We have just a handful of his 2014 releases remaining in stock, and the ones that we do have are going fast. Here are Paul’s 2014 Syrah and […]

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The Evolution of Rhone Varietals in California

Many new winemakers in California are choosing to work with the Rhone varieties instead of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes commonly associated with Napa wines. Cost and the suitability of California’s climate are a couple of the reasons but the reliable track record is the driving force. Rhone grapes […]


  For those fans of Sans Liege “The Offering” I have a unique line-up for you.  The Offering is a blend of Grenache, Syrah & Mourvedre.  This GSM blend has wowed many for years.  I am excited to offer you each of the components as a single varietal bottling.  We are selling the three varietals as a mixed case, […]

Tiny producer wins blind tasting

Our Tasting Group lined up an amazing lineup of hard-to-find Grenaches: Carlisle (Rossi) 93 WS Keplinger 93 WS Saxum (James Berry) 93 WS Outpost 93 Galloni Alban 94 Galloni Sanguis (Verve) 93 Galloni Limerick Lane 94 Galloni Samsara 93 Galloni A Tribute to Grace 93 Galloni Draognette (Sebastiano) The Winner DRAGONETTE! Two brothers (John & […]

A 94 Point wine to take on the road!

Herman Story is the “story” of tall tales, Wrangler Jeans, and bold wines crafted by Russell P. From. This winery has become a real head-turner since it was created just a decade ago. Russell is a real “Rhone Ranger” and that has not escaped the notice of numerous publications. Herman Story regularly scores 93 – 96 […]

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