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Surprising Foods which have more Calories than a Glass of Champagne!

Just how many calories are in a glass of Champagne? Well, it is very hard to give an exact answer as there are many varieties of Champagne and there are many sizes of glasses! I would say that the average sized glass of champagne would be around 85 calories, so let us take a look […]

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$$ VALUE – 94 Point Rated under 25 Syrah

It all began in Oklahoma’s prohibition heartland where Alex Singer shared a love of French wines.  His son Stephen left at age 15 to attend boarding school in Connecticut, from there he wind up in San Francisco, where he earned Art and Critical Theory degrees from UC Berkeley.  He moonlighted in wine stores and restaurant […]

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A Gem in the Rough

This is a story of a restaurateur in Paso Robles (California’s “Rhone Valley”) that took on amazing dimmesions.  He sources from 95-100 point rated vineyards such as James Berry, Denner, Bassetti and Luna Matta.  This winery has been flying below the radar for some time, but not for much longer! Previous vintages have scored between […]

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Exquisite Value Pinot Noir

Baker Lane is not a flashy winery, it is a simple farm-like vineyard with an emphasis on observation management, holistic integration (bio-dynamic principles).  The land should speak for itself, is the motto here.  Being at the viticulture climatic edge, has shown itself to be at the very heart of the quality of the Baker Lane.  […]

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