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Sans Liege’ stunning new releases

Curt Schalchlin has been at for some years now and has created a real following among many Rhone varietal lovers. I have many clients that have standing orders for this winery. The record is one client in the Los Angeles area who buys over 15 cases of Sans Liege wines, he says that it is […]

The Best Offering of the Year!

Owner and Winemaker Curt Schalchlin has been producing high-quality Rhone varietals at a very respectable price level for years.  Curt worked for some of the best winemakers in industry and went solo about a decade ago, and the rest is history.  Today Sans Liege has a worldwide fan base, even as far as Japan, Belgium […]

The best wine ever under $30 returns!

Curt Schalchlin has amassed a reputation of producing high-quality Rhone varietals a respectable price level.  Having worked for some of the best in the industry Curt decided to try his luck, and the rest is history.  Today he has a following that stretches well beyond the US borders.  I have been a fan from day […]

Cult Nouveau Sans Liege astonishes us again!

Sans Liege (without cork) the brainchild of Curt Schalchlin has crafted some of the most amazing no-nonsense wines over the past years. His relentless search for independence as he calls it is paying great dividend. He uses new world techniques combined with the heritage of the Rhone Valley to create a mind-boggling final product. Tasting […]

“The Offering” – Wine of the year? 96 Points GWC

Curt Schalchlin is probably one of the most talented (young) winemakers I have met. I would easily put him up for winemaker of the year! The reason for the Wine of the year, is that this wine offers quality, substance and most of all a great price point. Sans Liege has created an amazing following, […]

Wine of the Week: Sans Liege 2008 “The Offering”

This is my WINE OF THE WEEK!  Curt Schalchlin is probably one of the most talented young winemakers whom I’ve had the opportunity to meet and taste with.  His latest “Offering” is his version of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. The Offering is a blend of 41% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, 27% Syrah, and 2% Viognier which were aged in 83% neutral French, 10% 2yr French […]