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Chardonnay Taste-Off Winner

We lined up an army of who-is-who with our latest Chardonnay tasting. DuMOL (94 GWC) Morlet (95 WA) Talley Rosemary (94 WA) Owen Roe (94 WS) Rochioli “Sweetwater” (93WS) Tor (94 WS) 32 Winds by Ehren Jordan (92 WS) Coldstream (92+WA) Lewis (93 WS) Buoncristiani (93 WS) Chanin – The winner! Gavin Chanin, who was […]

97 case production wins blind tasting, only 6 allocated

The 2010 Cobb “Jack Hill” won our Pinot extravaganza tasting. The lineup included: Anthill “Campbell Ranch” 94 WA Talley “Rincon” 93 WA Kosta Browne Kanzler 93 WA Ayoub 95 WS DuMOL “Finn” 94 WA Patz & Hall “Hyde” 95 WS Archery Summit “Arcus Estate” 93 WA Shea “Homer” 93 WA Brittan “Gestalt” 94 WA COBB […]

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Killer Syrah wins blinds tasting

In a recent blind tasting of great Syrahs we had a real surprise jump out!  Our group of 15 lined up some great wines, including: Carlisle “James Berry” (94 WA) Bedrock (94 WA) Chalk Hill (94 WA) Two Hands “Lily’s Garden” (92 WS) Piedrasassi (92 WA) Lucia “Susan’s Hill (95 WA) Lucia “Garys’” (94 WA) […]

Zin(tastic) blind tasting winner

We had not done a blind Zinfandel tasting in some time, so we pulled out all the stops and lined up some real gems for this event: Carlisle “Carlisle Vineyard” (95 Parker) Carlisle “Hayne” (95 Parker) Outpost (94 Parker) Hartford “Highwire” (95 Parker) Bedrock “Heritage” (95 WS) Bedrock “Monte Rosso” (94 WS) Bedrock “Sodini” (93 […]

Pfendler Chardonnay blind tasting winner of the month.

The late Peter Pfendler planted his first vineyard on their 300 acre Sonoma Mountain ranch in 1992.  Peter passed away in 2007 and since then 2 more vineyards have been planted.  Greg Bjornstad (formerly with Flowers) is the hands-on winemaker.  Very small production from this estate (600 cases total), so not something that you’ll find […]

245 case Syrah stuns big boys!

A small winery but a big wine!  The name is a combination of the vineyard owners (a.k.a mom and dad) Nancy KIVELson and Tom AngSTADT.  An all estate property producing some great (mostly) Rhone wines.  Our tasting does not often tackle Syrahs, so it was time to do it again.  We brought in some great […]

Small Pinot producer (94 Points) wins blind tasting – FREE SHIPPING

The first Pinot Noir blind tasting of 2014 is a fact.  Our group found some dusty leftovers from Christmas and we enjoyed every single one of them.  One maybe just a little better compared to the other.  Our great line-up included: Calera “Mills” 95 Pts Parker Antica Terra “Botanica” 94 Pts Parker DuMOL “Aidan” 95 […]

Walker Station (Paul Hobbs) wins blind tasting!

In our very last Chardonnay blind tasting of the year we pulled out all of the stops!  A amazing line-up of stunning wines that included: Aubert (95 Parker) Paul Lato “Pisoni” (96 Parker) Brewer-Clifton “Mt. Carmel” (95 Parker) Dom. Serene “Evenstad Reserve” (93 WS) Kistler “Hudson” (95 Parker) Arnot-Roberts (93 Parker) Beringer Private Reserve (95 […]

Small Chardonnay producer beats big boys in blind tasting

In one of our last blind tastings of the year, we lined up some amazing Chardonnays. Talley “Rosemary” (96 Parker) Flowers “Moon” (94 WS) Peter Michael “Point Rouge” (94 Parker) Tor (94 WS) Kistler “Vine Hill” (93 Parker) Auteur “Durrell” (93 AG) Littorai “Mays Canyon” (95 WS) Mount Eden (94 WS) Kosta Browne (93 WS) […]

98 Point Winemaker stuns in Blind tasting

Scott Hawley, winemaker at famed Torrin (many 95-98 point rated wines) is the skipper at the helm of the new Law Estate in Paso Robles. 80% of the estate is planted to Syrah and Grenache, while the rest of the property consists of Mourvedre, Petit Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carignane.  This is the PREMIERE release, […]