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Tiny producer wins blind tasting

Our Tasting Group lined up an amazing lineup of hard-to-find Grenaches: Carlisle (Rossi) 93 WS Keplinger 93 WS Saxum (James Berry) 93 WS Outpost 93 Galloni Alban 94 Galloni Sanguis (Verve) 93 Galloni Limerick Lane 94 Galloni Samsara 93 Galloni A Tribute to Grace 93 Galloni Draognette (Sebastiano) The Winner DRAGONETTE! Two brothers (John & […]

LAST CALL FOR 95 Point Blind Tasting Cab Winner!

My tasting group lined up a great collection of A+ Highly rated 2012 Cabs: Kamen (96+ Parker) Cliff Lede (95 Parker) Alpha Omega “Dr. Crane” (95 Parker) Nickel & Nickel “Sullenger” (95 Galloni) Robert Foley (95 Parker) Cimarossa “Rive” (94 Parker) Beau Vigne Cult (97 Parker) Arnot-Roberts “Fellom” (95 Galloni) Quivet ”Pellet” (94 Galloni) Hayfork […]

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Pinot Noir Blind Tasting Winner

In a recent Pinot Noir blind tasting of well-known 2013 Pinot Noirs, a surprise winner arose from the pack. The lineup included: AP Vin (94 Pt) Foxen “Block 8” (95 Pt) Dierberg “Drum Canyon” (94 Pt) Brewer Clifton “Hapgood” (96 Pt) Chanin (93 Pt) Aubert “UV” (96 Pt) Hilliard Bruce (94 Pt) DuMol, Lindstrom (94 Pt) Dom. […]

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Hump Day ~ Blind Tasting Cab Winner!

It seems like mid-week wine should be less good compared to Friday or Saturday night dinners?  WRONG!  I am a strong believer of my own motto: “Always Drink Good Wine”™ –  So why not drink a good Cabernet with Wednesday Pizza or leftovers? That said, our  blind tasting Cabernet might just be that “new-found-hump-day-wine”My tasting […]

4 Barrel, Blind Tasting Winner

Our tasting group rarely tackles Cabernet Franc, so I was very excited to review one of my favorite varietals.  Our panel selected some amazing wines: Ramey (94 Galloni) Hudson (93+ Galloni) Kamen (93 Galloni) Crocker Starr (92 Galloni) Hourglass (94 Galloni) Lang & Reed Reverie Robert Keenan (93 Points) Oakville Ranch “Roberts’ (93+ Galloni) Constant […]

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Surprise Blind Tasting Winner

In a recent blind Syrah tasting the Melville “Estate” surprised many. The lineup included: Beckman Clone #1 (94 Parker) Avennia (96 Parker) Two Hands “Bella” (93+ Parker) Pax “Griffin’s Lair (95 Parker) Herman Story “Nuts & Bolts (95 Parker) Bedrock Alder Springs (95 Parker) Rhys “Horseshoe” (94 Parker) Roar Garys’ (94 Parker) Lucia Garys’ (95 Parker) Melville […]

4 Barrel Chardonnay blind tasting winner

In our latest Chardonnay challenge, we had some “big guns” battling it out.  The lineup for this tasting consisted of: Peter Michael “Mon Plaisir” (97 Parker) DuMOL “Clare” (96 Parker) 32 Winds “Spinaker” (94 Parker) Chasseur “Lorenzo” (94 Parker) Chat. Boswell “Rued” (94 Parker) Benovia (94 Parker) Auteur (94 Parker) Aubert UV-SL (96 Parker) Paul Lato […]

180 case production wins blind tasting!

Our tasting group lined up some big hitters for a  tasting: Arrow & Branch “Proprietary Red” (94 Parker) De Lille “Grand Ciel” (96 Parker) Barnett “Rattlesnake Hill” (96 Parker) Cabaud (96 Parker) Pahlmeyer “Proprietary Red” (94 Parker) Robert Craig Howell Mountain (95 Parker) Brand (96 Galloni) Passenger (92 Parker) Black Bird “Paramour” (94 Parker) Betz […]

MUST HAVE ZINFANDEL by 100 point winemaker

In a recent Zinfandel line up between some amazing producers we had some surprises.  The lineup included: Bedrock “Monte Rosso” (94 WA) Harford (95 WA) Ridge “Geyserville” (93 Galloni) Carlisle Montafi (94 WA) Martinelli “G&L” (94 Galloni) Novy “Papera” (93 Galloni) William Selyem “Papera” (93 Galloni) Scherrer (94 Galloni) Outpost (94 Galloni) Turley “101” (94 […]

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Bubbly Blind Tasting Winner

We had never done a blind Champagne tasting before, and to “celebrate” my return from surgery, my group wanted to do it with some “sparkle”. We lined up some well-regarded bubblies, among them: Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve Bollinger Cuvee Special Krug “Grande Cuvee” Jacquesson “Cuvee 737” Laurent Perrier “Grand Sciecle Cuvee” Diebolt Vallois Gonet Medeville Cedric Bouchard “BDN […]