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95 Point-Crowd Pleasing, Big, Bold, “Little” Sirah

The new wave of Petite Sirah winemaking going on these days is drawing attention and changing the way this grape is regarded.  Surging forward is the recognition by winemakers, insiders, wine judges and critics that Petite Sirah is a time-tested noble grape that is truly deserving the status as a classic California varietal.  Robert Biale […]

A Black Chicken is not a Black Sheep… especially when you get FREE SHIPPING.

  Hey Aldo, when you come by on Friday, bring me a couple pounds of walnuts, some fruit and vegetables, two dozen eggs and a “black chicken”. And thus went one of the hundreds of inquiries during prohibition when selling wine was not legal. Aldo Biale called his jugs of Zin a “Black Chicken” to […]


You cannot show up with one rose, you need a dozen, especially on Valentine’s Day.  Ditto with wine, 1 bottle will not make her happy.  We selected a DOZEN VAROZZAS Zinfandel by the Biale Winery for you to share with your loved one(s) and friends.Varozza – Hard-working farming families that plowed and grinded out a life season […]

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Zin(tastic) blind tasting winner

We had not done a blind Zinfandel tasting in some time, so we pulled out all the stops and lined up some real gems for this event: Carlisle “Carlisle Vineyard” (95 Parker) Carlisle “Hayne” (95 Parker) Outpost (94 Parker) Hartford “Highwire” (95 Parker) Bedrock “Heritage” (95 WS) Bedrock “Monte Rosso” (94 WS) Bedrock “Sodini” (93 […]