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Argot’s 94 Point “Exuberant & Impressive” Release

Those of you who purchased the  “Bastard Tongue” from Argot should jump on this opportunity – Justin Harmon’s Estate Pinot Noir is even more limited, but any bit as good.  He produced 125 cases (5 barrels) of this stunning Pinot Noir from his still young estate.  This is really a winery that you’ll have to watch for […]

Not An April Fools joke “Borrowed Jewels” – A Bevan source at ½ the Price

The title says it all – not a joke!  The “Borrowed Jewels” is a term winemaker Justin Harmon used as most of his wines come from his Sonoma Estate, and he “borrowed the jewels” from the likes of Russell Bevan’s great grapesource, the Sugarloaf Vineyard.  This is not a one-time deal, as Justin secured a […]

A classic, not to be missed Chardonnay

Justin Harmon might be one of the brightest and most precise winemakers I have met over the last 2 decades tasting wines. I can say that he is a fan of Paul Lato (he still buys it from me) – I think he focuses on the very high-end Lato quality and tries to make similar […]

Pinot of the year! (Only 87 cases produced)

Situated in the middle of Sonoma’s most storied Pinot Noir appellation, since 1989 the Saralee vineyard has helped define the heights of Pinot in California.  As with no other varietal, the focus on the clonal makeup of Pinot Noir wines is rabid. As with all of Argot’s Pinots, the 2011 Saralee is fashioned from old-time […]