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Disciple of Scarecrow winemaker produces an amazing, under $50 Cabernet!

  In 1999 Mary Rocca and Eric Grigsby purchased the 21 acre property after a 3 year search for the “ideal” vineyard site.  Mary called upon renowned winemaker Celia Welch, then Celia Masyczek to produce the label’s first vintages. The debut bottling was the 2000 Syrah, a varietal which to this day garners praise and […]

A 95 Point “Knock-Out” Napa Cab

Purlieu means “the edge of the forest” or “an outlying area.” In this case, it is a reference to their home base in the new Coombsville AVA, at the edge of the forest and the entire Napa Valley. Symbolically, “purlieu” refers to their approach to winemaking, to exploring the outskirts and navigating the boundaries of […]

The BEST Sauvignon Blanc in California

  Last week my tasting group conducted our first “blind” Sauvignon Blanc tasting in a long time. The lineup included: Arkenstone “Estate” (95 Pt) Paul Lato (94 Pt) Merry Edwards (93 Pt) Vineyard 29 (95 Pt) Crocker & Starr (93 Pt) Lieu Dit (93 Pt) Peter Michael (94 Pt) Bevan (94 Pt) Morlet (93 Pt) […]

Argot’s 94 Point “Exuberant & Impressive” Release

Those of you who purchased the  “Bastard Tongue” from Argot should jump on this opportunity – Justin Harmon’s Estate Pinot Noir is even more limited, but any bit as good.  He produced 125 cases (5 barrels) of this stunning Pinot Noir from his still young estate.  This is really a winery that you’ll have to watch for […]


QTR is a Thomas Rivers Brown & Jim Barbour venture.  The vineyard is situated on Howell Mountain spanning between 850 and 1200 feet elevation.  The vineyard is divided into seven blocks, ranging from 1/3 to 2 acres in size.  Only 6 acres are planted.  The 2014 vintage yielded a stunning 380 cases!  The name QTR […]

REALLY – AN UNDER $70 Thomas Rivers Brown CABERNET!

Three great friends – One goal: to create something worth appreciating, like the time they’ve spent together. They searched for an area rich in heritage, resources, and committed winemakers which took them 2,297 miles west from their homes in Kentucky to Napa Valley. They traveled to California time and again. Wine was shared, stories were […]


Walter Hansel has become synonymous with great quality at a great price!  Year after year these wines seem to impress me and my clientele alike.  The first vines were planted in 1978 just a up the block from Kistler!  The actual winery did not start till 1996 when they produced 3 barrels of Pinot Noir […]

“Gorgeously & Voluptuous” Philippe Melka Cab blend – 94 Points

Fahri & Constance Diner created Skipstone after successful careers as entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.  The vineyard is sits like an amphitheater carved into a horseshoe-shaped mountain hidden high above Alexander Valley. With their European roots Fahri & Constance strive to create the best wines to rival the quality and artistry of California’s most highly regarded […]

Another 97 Point…..

Matthias Pippig is not your everyday mainstream winemaker. He’s an “artist” in the true sense of the worth.  A creator, a dreamer, a visionary, a poet, a chef, a scientist.  Mix this all together and you have Sanguis.  Matthias moved here from Germany some 30 years ago with plans to make it big in the […]

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LAST CALL 94 Point “Full-Throttle” Herman Story Nuts & Bolts Syrah

Herman Syrah is the “story” of tall tales, Wrangler Jeans, and bold wines crafted by Russell P. From. This winery has become a real head-turner since it was created a little over a decade ago. Russell is a real “Rhone Ranger” and that has not escaped the notice of numerous publications garnering many 94-96 point […]

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