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2105 Carter Cellars new releases now in stock!!

  The much anticipated releases of the 2015 Carter Cellars wines are finally here! But the stock is extremely limited. As you might know, 2015 was the worst year in regards to output (yield) in California. Many were down 60+%, so that means that much less for me.  To make everyone happy, I have a […]

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Champagne Selections for the holidays

    As the holiday season is in full swing, I needed to make sure there will be some SPARKS in your end-of-the-year festivities so I put together a few “bubbly” suggestions for you to choose from. And for those of you who like to make a bigger bang into the New Year, I also […]

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Frank’s Thanksgiving Wine Selections!

Dear Friends, This has been some year – The Northern California Fires, the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto and the New York terror attack, but we will not give up!  We will continue to fight and stand up, support everyone around us, and continue to “Always Drink Good Wine”!  Golden Gate Wine Cellars is […]

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Carlisle has always been one those coveted wineries, so I always get excited when Mike Officer (owner/winemaker) allocates me some of his much sought after wine!  Unfortunately the 2015 vintage is so small that we are offering it to you as a part of mixed six-bottle case (2 bottles each of the “Carlisle” vineyard, Papera […]

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Bevan Cellars 2015 “Big Reds/Big Scores” are now in stock!

The much anticipated and highly rated Bevan Cellars “Big Napa Cabernet/Cabernet Blends” have finally arrived! The 2015 vintage was outrageously good in the quality department but o-so-small in the quantity department.  2016 is anticipated to be (almost) back to normal quantities! Here is the scoop: Because of the extremely limited availability, we are offering the Bevan “Big Reds” […]

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Can’t dance the Foxtrot? Drink it instead!

The Foxtrot winery was created by Torsten and Kicki Allander who believe that the key to producing world class wine is total control over the grape growing and winemaking process from start to finish. To this day, both remain an integral part of the family business, with Kicki spending her days in the estate vineyard […]

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In 1997, while visiting the Napa Valley, Dr. Revana discovered a small parcel of prime vineyard land in St. Helena.  He immediately sensed the property’s potential. The area was already known for producing some of the world’s most sought after Cabernet Sauvignon and the property’s gravelly soils, sloped pitch, and excellent exposures seemed perfect for […]

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12th Anniversary Wine Event Recap

On June 17th we celebrated Golden Gate Wine Cellars’ 12th Anniversary.  For this occasion, we took our celebration on the road to the Big Apple and organized a Tasting Bash at the New York City Fire Museum, greeting 300 of our clients, some from as far away as Japan, Canada, Texas, Tennessee, California, Washington, and others closer, Connecticut, New Hampshire and […]

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LAST CALL for the Amazing 2015 Paul Lato Wines!

Friends, the long wait is finally over.  The Paul Lato wines have reached our shores (read warehouse).  The 2015 might be the sleeper vintage and well-worth the wait!  The Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs are shipping NOW, the Syrah and Grenache in August!Paul Lato was born in Poland. He worked as a certified Sommelier in Toronto’s […]

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Think PINK! It’s good for the body!

Most people assume Rosé (or Pink wine) is sweet, white-zinfandel, cheap, ersatz wine. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!When I first got into the wine industry a few decades ago, rosé was anything but cool. White Zinfandel from California made the public think that all rosé was sweet, and unfortunately, imports such as Royal Lancers from Portugal and wines such as […]

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