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Exploring Minerality – What does that really mean?

Exploring Minerality By Elisabetta Tosi, Wine Science Minerality = [SS + A + CC] – [E + T] – [O²] (Those interested in figuring out what this odd formula means should keep on reading.) Funny how things happen. Until the 1990s, the term minerality didn’t appear in the most acclaimed guides, not even the Oxford […]

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Travel Notes ~ Monterey County

Monterey County ~ Travel Notes By Matt Kettmann, Wine Enthusiast Few places in California have welcomed visitors longer than Monterey County, home to one of the four presidios that Spanish colonists established on the West Coast in the late 1700s. Over the centuries, fishing, farming and tourism have thrived here. It’s also one of the […]

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2017 Napa Vintage Preview

2017 Napa Vintage Preview Heatwaves during the early stages by Vincent Sauton, Fruition Sciences Today, we review some of the aspects of the 2017 growing season in Napa. While Bordeaux suffered some very serious frost events earlier this year, followed by unprecedented heat waves, Northern California has endured a series of heat waves following an extremely […]

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Navigating a Wine List

Navigating a Wine List By Allen R. Balik, Napa Valley Register We’ve all experienced it — perhaps some more than others. You’ve been planning a special night out with family and friends and eagerly await the transcendental experience of dining in a majestic restaurant. On entering this palace of gastronomy, you are struck by its […]

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Wine Spectator 2017 Restaurant Awards

Wine Spectator 2017 Restaurant Awards Every year Wine Spectator lists their “Wine” award winning restaurants from around the country and across the globe. We thought that you might like to know which ones made the list near you. Click the city names below to find out! ~Frank The Grand Award Recipients New York City Boston Chicago Dallas […]

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~ THE FRENCH PARADOX ~ Wine may prevent Alzheimer’s disease From the  It comes in many forms – red, white, sweet, sour, aged, fresh. Who doesn’t like to recline with a glass of wine after a hard day? Humans have been brewing and drinking alcohol for thousands of years, and you don’t cultivate a relationship […]

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The Health Benefits of White Wine!

The Health Benefits Of White Wine, Because There Actually Are Some! By Julie R. Thomson, Huffington Post “Summer is looking up!” Red wine is often lauded for its positive health attributes, but no one stops to consider white. Now that warm weather is on the horizon, and the need for something refreshing is upon us, […]

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How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine?

How Much Sugar Is in a Glass of Wine? Contributed By SOPHIE EGAN in the New York Times Q. Some wineries add sugar to dry red wines after fermentation so that they taste “smoother” to the American palate. How can I find out how much sugar is in what I am drinking? A. To find […]

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15 Real Facts about Wine & Health

15 Real Facts about Wine & Health Contributor: W. Blake Gray, Palate Press Though both are now wine writers, Dr. Michael Apstein and Dr. Ian D’Agata met while working in a Boston hospital as gastroenterologists. (That’s the kind of doctor who puts a camera up your butthole.) Earlier this month, they held a seminar in Canada on […]

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Why do we neglect sparkling wine?

In a world with greater wine knowledge than ever, why do we neglect sparkling wine? Contributed by Do Bianchi Earlier this year, a wine director at a super cool, nationally renowned American restaurant told me: “You know, the French [sparkling winemakers] tell you that they only do one dosage. But, actually, they secretly do a bunch of micro-dosages.” By […]

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