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A moment for Las Vegas

  Words cannot begin to express the sadness that we feel when hearing the news of the horrific and senseless murders that took place in Las Vegas on Sunday night. Dozens of lives cut short and millions forever impacted. Let us take this moment to not only remember the lives that were lost, but to embrace the […]

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Alcohol improves memory, scientists say!

Alcohol improves memory, scientists say as study finds drinking helps people recall information By Sophie Jamieson Drinking alcohol can actually improve memory, academics have found as a study showed that those who drink after studying are better at recalling what they learnt. In a study, 88 social drinkers were given a word-learning task. They were then split in […]

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Seismic shifts: Wines on fault lines

Seismic shifts: Wines on fault lines By Elin McCoy Can the complex topography created by faults in the earth’s crust really make a difference to a vineyard’s terroir – and its wines? Elin McCoy speaks to geologists and winemakers to find out… Rhys Vineyards has plots either side of the San Andreas Fault, some just […]

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The Complete Guide to Botrytis

The Complete Guide to Botrytis By Tom Jarvis There are many ways of making sweet wines, but the most famous examples use a potentially deadly method. The fungus Botrytis cinerea attacks grapes (and occasionally other parts of the vine) in humid conditions. It can develop into devastating gray rot but, in the right conditions, a desirable Botrytis infection occurs, […]

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Is Sauvignon Blanc the World’s Most Reliably Good White Wine?

Is Sauvignon Blanc the World’s Most Reliably Good White Wine? by Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator I am obliged, I feel, to preface all I’m about to say with the public confession that I once disliked Sauvignon Blanc. Its intrinsic herbaceous or vegetal notes irritated me. I have long since changed my mind—and palate. So what […]

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Pre-Harvest Report

Today, a pre-harvest note. I will follow up in a few weeks with a report on the official harvest itself. Some wineries have already started the 2017 harvest, others are not far behind.  It is usually the Sparkling Wine producers that hit the dirt first.  All over Carneros, the first Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes […]

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Ancient Brews: Rediscovered & Re-created

Have you ever wondered who it was that struck up on the idea of making alcohol from fruit or grains? Have you ever wondered what the first wines and beers might have tasted like? Here’s an interesting book that I stumbled across recently that addresses some of those very interesting questions. I thought you might […]

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Exploring Minerality – What does that really mean?

Exploring Minerality By Elisabetta Tosi, Wine Science Minerality = [SS + A + CC] – [E + T] – [O²] (Those interested in figuring out what this odd formula means should keep on reading.) Funny how things happen. Until the 1990s, the term minerality didn’t appear in the most acclaimed guides, not even the Oxford […]

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Travel Notes ~ Monterey County

Monterey County ~ Travel Notes By Matt Kettmann, Wine Enthusiast Few places in California have welcomed visitors longer than Monterey County, home to one of the four presidios that Spanish colonists established on the West Coast in the late 1700s. Over the centuries, fishing, farming and tourism have thrived here. It’s also one of the […]

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2017 Napa Vintage Preview

2017 Napa Vintage Preview Heatwaves during the early stages by Vincent Sauton, Fruition Sciences Today, we review some of the aspects of the 2017 growing season in Napa. While Bordeaux suffered some very serious frost events earlier this year, followed by unprecedented heat waves, Northern California has endured a series of heat waves following an extremely […]

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