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Musings On Grenache

Musings on Grenache Contributed by David Morrison The Wine Gourd I have always thought that one of the most intriguing grapes is the one usually known as Grenache. This is because you can make such a wide variety of styles and make them all well — everything from strong and tannic (eg. in Priorat), through herbal […]

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All Oaks Are Not Alike

Why Not All Oaks Are Alike For Wine By Tom Mullen, Forbes The possibilities appear endless.Consider, for a moment, the multiple factors that influence how the wine we sip eventually tastes: grape type, altitude, latitude, climate, slope angle and aspect, soil type, wind direction and speed, cultivation techniques, fermentation length and aging.Next, consider the multiple factors […]

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Zinfandel – The fascinating history of ‘California’s grape’

Zinfandel – The fascinating history of ‘California’s grape’ By Allison Levine Napa Valley Register Croatian winemaking history began around 2200 B.C.; California’s winemaking history started in 1779. All of our vitis vinifera grapes in California came from somewhere else. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are from Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux, Tempranillo and Albariño from Spain, […]

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Three closure tales

Three closure tales BY Bob Campbell MW in Three of a Kind An aspect of wine bottle closures that is seldom discussed is there ability to protect the wine in less than ideal storage conditions.I had a chance to compare the effectiveness of three different wine closures after a container of German riesling was affected by […]

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Terroir: Real or imagined?

Terroir: Real or imagined? By Allen Balik Napa Valley Register In a recent column, “Chardonnay—the chameleon of wine?” (July 13, 2018), I referred to the two radically different faces of this noble grape. One is its very malleable nature that can pose a “blank canvas” open to seemingly endless manipulation by willing winemakers and marketing […]

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Assessing a wine’s character

Assessing a wine’s character By: Allen R. Balik Napa Valley Register Recently, I was joined by a group of wine-loving friends and collectors here in Napa Valley where we tasted many outstanding wines and shared some delightful experiences. During one afternoon, at an informal tasting, we were savoring several truly magnificent wines from Europe and […]

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Sept 2018 Harvest Report

Harvest Report 2018 By Jesse Duarte Napa Valley Register Cool temperatures produce optimal conditions for ripening Grapegrowers are celebrating cool temperatures that are leading to a slow, even ripening process in Napa Valley vineyards.Jennifer Rue of Oakville Ranch Vineyards referred to “Goldilocks days” that are “perfect for field work.”   Trefethen team members Moices Dorado-Zamora and […]

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The Language of Wine Lists

The Language of Wine Lists By Gillian Sciaretta Wine Spectator “Wherever in the world you dine, ordering the wine should be the easy part.” Anyone who has eaten out knows that restaurant wine lists can be obstacle courses. For diners who aren’t experts in wine, they can be hard to navigate and understand. For restaurant […]

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Terroir: Nature & Nurture

Terroir: Nature & Nurture By Paul Hobbs Terroir is often spoken about as if it’s a fixed construct; unmovable, definitive. It’s as if the terroir of Burgundy, for example, lives off in an ethereal realm, elusive yet sacrosanct; something to represent and uphold at all costs. Carrying this example even further, what defines the terroir […]

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MODERATE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION LINKED TO HIGHER FERTILITY! by Lauren Eads, The Drinks Business A new study has made a positive link between moderate alcohol consumption and improved fertility in men, compared with those who drink nothing at all, and those who drink to excess. The study was carried out by researchers at the Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ […]

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