Scarecrow Winemaker’s Astonishing New Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc

Celia Welch does not need an intro, but in case you wouldn’t know who she is – She’s the brainchild (i.e. the amazing winemaker) behind the following highly rated and highly regarded wineries including Scarecrow, Corra, Barbour,  Keever, 2480, Kelly Fleming, Bucella, etc.  For the past couple of years she’s been involved with a new project called YOUNT RIDGE. The property is based in Oakville, I know with a name like Yount Ridge, you’d think Yountville!  I was excited to taste the latest releases and was completely smitten by the wines.

Yount Ridge 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, Estate, Oakville
Retail 100.00 – GGWC 94.99
FREE SHIPPING on 4 or more
Use code YR14CS at checkout

This is the new Scarecrow! A blend of 97% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2.5% Malbec and 0.5% Merlot. Goregous dense ruby/purple color. The wine has a lovely nose loaded with dark fruit, plum and blackberry.  On the palate you are greeted by fresh, deep, dark and rich black stone, dark chocolate, anise and a touch of spice  flavors that roll over your tongue.  The wine is robust in body, yet very-well put together, well-balanced fruit to acid ratios. The Yount Ridge Cabernet is a very sophisticated wine that show class, balance and finesse!  This is a “Celia at her best” wine!  The wine finishes with seductive and silky grained tannins.

Yount Ridge 2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Estate Oakville
Retail 40.00 – GGWC 37.99
FREE SHIPPING on 12 or more
Use code YR15SB at checkout

Only 3 tons were yielded from the property (2 Tons of Sauvignon Blanc and 1 Ton of Sauvigon “Musque Clone”.  All the grapes were selectively hand-harvested from their organically farmed vineyard. This might be the best SB in Napa this year.  The wine offers up a greenish hue and shows of its great aromatics on impact.  On the palate you are greeted by elegant notes of citrus, mango, grapefruit a medium body with nicely layered flavors and the right touch of crisp acidity.  This is a gorgeous wine and probably Celia’s best white ever!

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