Paloma has become synonymous with Merlot for Cabernet Lovers.  Like some of its First Growth French counterparts, Paloma’s Merlot could be called a proprietary red blend as it is a blend of 85% Merlot & 15% Cabernet.  I also want to let those Cabernet-philes know that one the most sought after, highly rated and probably (one of) the most expensive wines in the world is NOT Cabernet, but Merlot (i.e. Chateau Petrus)…. So Paloma, might be Napa Valley’s Petrus, but at a fraction the price!Paloma 2013 Merlot Estate Spring Mountain, Napa Valley
Retail 62.00 – GGWC 59.99
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The Paloma 2013 Merlot is mind boggling good! This is a Merlot that will give many Cabernets a run for their money as this is  not your wimpy, soft, silky wine, but a well-balanced, complex, dark, concentrated, full-bodied mountain-grown gem!  The wine’s aroma is amazing, and jumps right out of the glass on impact.  This 2013 is layered with dense black stone fruit laced with dark chocolate and a whiff of toasty vanilla.  It is a big, lush youngster that pleases from start to finish.  It is well-balanced and elegant at the same time. But I suggest to put this one down for 6-12 months prior to imbibing.  Very small production.

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