The Story of the Coho Salmon and Coho Wines

Coho SalmonCoho wines are inspired by the Salmon of North Pacific and Celtic legend. The salmon embodies an innate wisdom, essential to understanding ourselves and our environment. As stewards of the land winemakers must strive to sustain our habitat and the species that share it. And like the salmon we need the steadfast will to keep going no matter how difficult the journey.

Like all the other Northern Pacific salmon, Coho were revered by the indigenous people of the northern Pacific basin; from California to Japan. There are countless stories and legends amongst many cultures that exalt the salmon for their wisdom and generosity. Not only do the salmon feed humans and other animals, but their decomposing bodies enrich the soils near the shallow pools where they spawn and die. A UC Davis study a few years ago traced elemental “fingerprints” called nitrogen isotopes, that have their origin in salmon, were present in grapes grown near salmon rich creeks and streams.

Native fish in California are in a crisis as habitat continues to disappear at alarming rates. Restoring and maintaining habitat for salmon and other native plants and animals is essential to keeping a natural balance in the world we share with them. There are many wonderful organizations that are committed to this important work. Below are links to several of them.


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